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Sizes: 38-40 and 42-44. 

Data for size 42-44 is shown in brackets (). 


If one value is specified, it applies to both sizes. 

The pullover is about 52 cm long . 

You will need: 

450 (500) g of LINIE 321 SILK yarn from ONline (100% silk, 150 m / 50 g); knitting needles and hook No. 3-3,5, for the cord-shaped edge circular knitting needles No. 2,5, 1 decorative button. 

The main pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 6 + chrome. p. 

Knit according to the pattern. 

In out. In the rows, knit all the loops on the wrong side, knit 1 yarn and 1 x wrong. 

Repeat from 1st to 4th row. 

The pink line in the diagram shows the decrease. 

Persons. surface: faces. R. - persons. n., out. R. - out. n. 

1 special reduction: 

At the beginning of the row after chrome. p. knit 2 p. together facial. 

At the end of the row in front of chrome. p. knit 2 p. together persons. with a broach (= remove 1 st. as a person., 1 person. st. and stretch it through the removed st.) 

Closing the loops as a cord-shaped edge: to the loops of the cut on the left knitting needle, get 3

stitches .  Knit them as 2 faces. item, knit the 3rd loop with the loop of the incision together. cross 

* 3 points of the right knitting needle should be returned back to the left knitting needle and knit 2 persons. p., 3rd and 4th p. knit together persons. cross., repeat from *. 

Sew the last 3 items along with the initial ones. 

Knitting density: 26 p. And 34 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Dial 140 (152) p. And knit the first row = out. a number of facial, 2nd and 3rd row - wrong. 

Then continue with the main pattern: chrome. p., 23x (25x) rapport, chrome. P. 

The additions for the sleeve should be made after 18 (16.5) cm of the main pattern: on both sides add 12 x 1, 3 x 2, 2 x 3, 3 x 6 and 1x 66 (60) = 108 (102) on the sides = total 356 p. 

On these loops, knit straight in height. 

For the sleeve, after 41 cm of the main pattern (= after each 4th row of the main pattern), put 108 (102) p. On both sides and close 18 p. 

Continue on the remaining 104 (116) p., While on both sides in each 2nd p. Decrease 18 x 1 point each with a special decrease, then close the remaining 68 (80) points with needles No. 2.5 as a cord-like edge. 


Knit as before, but for a cut on the back, after 10 cm of the main pattern, divide the work in the middle and finish both sides separately = 68 (74) p. 

On the edge of the cut 3 chrome. p., that is, these 3 p. in persons. and out. a row of knit facial stitch. 

The additions of the sleeve and all work steps should be performed from the right / left edge, as in front; then close the remaining 34 (40) sts with knitting needles No. 2.5 as a cord-shaped edge, while on the right back at the end of the cord-shaped edge on these 3 sts, carry out another knitted cord 2 cm long = buttonhole. 


Connect sleeves postponed for 108 (102) p. Knitted seam or with out. hand knit in pairs together and close. 

Draw shoulder sections as a cord-like edge. 

To do this, with the end of the thread about 2 m long and knitting needles No. 2.5, from each loop and in each row raise 1 st., Loop back to the end of the knitting needle (grab the thread from the ball) and close the loop like a cord-like edge. 

The section on the back, if desired, crochet 1 circle. a number of connections. column and fasten the connected cord (eyelet). 

Connect the shoulders * about 1 cm. 

Sew on the button.

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