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I knitted a panamochka without a pattern, by eye, took the pattern from the Japanese book as the basis.
I tried to depict the bottom outline, but I'm not very friends with this. Knitting a panama hat was a lot easier.
I put the very pattern of the pattern and what I painted. The bottom layout is not complete, there should be another row with the extension, where the extension goes through 3 fans. I’ll try to explain in words, because I’m unlikely to succeed in drawing better. For the bottom, the rapport of the pattern in height is repeated 4 times, the first time by 6 fans, the second by 12, the third by 18, the fourth by 24, and then it already fits without increase, i.e. 24 rapport just on the circumference of the head. The expansion is due to the arch of 3 VP, which is knitted in a row between the fans of 7 CCH. (then in the next row PSSN fits into this arch). First, these add. arches fit between each fan, then after 2, then after 3. In words it seems a lot and complicated, in fact it’s very simple, I didn’t even bandage the bottom, the first time and without any pattern this pattern extension went well for me
Flowers for decoration are also on the eye. 6 vp to close in a ring.
2nd row: * 2ССН, 7в.п *, repeat 6 times.
3rd row: each arch of 7 vp tie * RLS, MSS, 10 SSN, PSSN, RLS *, SS in the SSN of the previous row.
Tie a flower with a contrasting thread * SS, vp * Panama knitted
from daisy yarn, hook No. 2, for head circumference approx. 50cm

After the panama hat is connected to the desired depth, the row that goes after the fans (3СБН, 5в.п.) Tied the RLS, then a row of arches of 5 v.p. is connected (2 pieces per 1 pattern repeat). And then the fields according to the fan pattern. In the main, the fan knitted 9 CCHs, in the last row 3 CCHs knitted together were replaced by 2 CCHs together, and then tied the fans with arches of 3 vp On the last row of the pattern still stretched a ribbon

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