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Cozy yarn, voluminous bat silhouette and simple patterns make this jumper a model of cozy clothes for cool weather.


38/40 (42/44) 46/48


Yarn (55% natural wool, 25% alpaca, 20% mohair; 120 m / 50 g) - 650 (700) 750 g of color rosewood; knitting needles No. 5; short circular knitting needles No. 5; 1 set of stocking knitting needles No. 5; long circular knitting needles No. 7.



Rows in the forward and reverse direction (the number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 2 edge). 

Front rows: edge, * 1 wrong side, 1 crossed front, 1 wrong side, from * constantly repeat, edge. 

Wrong rows: knit stitches according to the figure, crossed front knit with crossed seams. 

Circular rows (the number of loops is a multiple of 3): * 1 wrong side, 1 crossed front, 1 wrong side, from * constantly repeat.


An even number of loops. 

Front rows: hem, 1 front, * 1 yarn, 2 front, then stretch both front loops through the yarn, from * constantly repeat, finish 1 front, hem. 

Wrong rows: between the edge all the loops to knit wrong.


18 p. X 18.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Due to the large number of loops, we recommend knitting a pattern with broaches on circular knitting needles in rows in the forward and reverse direction.




On the knitting needles No. 5, dial 86 (92) 101 sts and tie 11 cm with a rubber band for the placket, while in the last wrong row, evenly distribute, add 4 (6) 5 stitches = 90 (98) 106 sts. 

Continue work on the knitting needles No. 7 pattern with broaches. 

At the same time, for the “bat” style, add or type on both sides in each 2nd row of the bar 5 x 1 p., 16 x 2 p. And 1 x 4 p. pattern and knit with broaches = 172 (180) 188 p. 

After 35.5 = 66 rows (38 cm = 70 rows) 40 cm = 74 rows from the plank close for the shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 3 p., then in each 2nd row, close 16 x 3 p. and 2 x 4 p. (12 x 3 p. and 6 x 4 p.) 8 x 3 p. and 10 x 4 p. 

After 56 cm = 104 rows (58, 5 cm = 108 rows) 60.5 cm = 112 rows from the bar to leave the remaining 54 p.


Knit like a back.


Perform shoulder and side seams. 

For a twisted placket, put on 54 circular stitches of the front and back stitches for circular knitting needles No. 5 and knit in all 108 stitches with front stitch in circular rows (= only front stitches). With a strap width of 6 cm, freely close all the loops as face. 

For the straps of the sleeves, dial 54 (63) 72 loops along the straight edges of each sleeve on the knitting needles and knit with an elastic band in circular rows. With a strap width of 29 cm, close all the loops according to the figure.

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