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Sizes: 36-38, 40-42 and 44-46. 

Data for size 40-42 are shown in brackets (), for size 44-46 in double brackets (()). 

If only one value is specified, it applies to all 3 sizes. 

Pullover length: approximately 70 cm.

You will need: 

550 (600) ((650)) g of LINIE 350 CHESTER yarn from ONline fuchsia color Fb. 18 (55% wool, 33% polyacrylic, 12% cashmere, 118 m / 50 g), knitting needles 4,5 and 5.

Elastic band: alternately 1 persons. p., 1 out.

Shawl binding: persons. and out. rows knit facial.

The main pattern:

Persons. surface: faces. R. - persons. n., out. R. - out. P.

Addition of 1 p.:

At the beginning of the row after chrome. p. knit another 1 persons. item, then add 1 person from the transverse thread. cross

At the end of the row, knit until the last 2 p., Add 1 person from the transverse thread. cross n., 1 persons. n., chrome. P.

Knitting density:

persons. smooth surface on knitting needles No. 5: 17 p. and 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm;

on a knitting needles No. 5: 18 p. and 36 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Using a double thread with a cross-shaped set on knitting needles No. 4,5, dial 90 (98) ((106)) p., Knit 1 out. R. wrong side, then 10 cm = 30 p. rubber band.  

Go to the number 5 knitting needles and continue in height directly with the main pattern. 

After 45 cm of the main pattern, immediately knit the shoulder yoke (shoulder collar). 

Go to knitting needles No. 4.5 and knit with a garter stitch, while from the right edge in every 2nd p. and in the next 4th row add 36x (37x) ((38x)) 1 p., from the left edge in each 2nd p. add 20x (21 x) ((22x)) 1 p., then continue to knit these edges directly without adding = 146 (156) ((166)) p. 

After 30 (30.5) ((31.5)) cm, the humeral coquette loops freely. 


Knit as a back, only after 45 cm of the main pattern of the loop freely close.


Using a cross-string set with a double cross-stitch set on knitting needles No. 5, dial 46 (48) ((50)) sts and continue with a garter stitch. 

For beveling sleeves on both sides in each 10th r. add 13 x 1 p. (in each 8th p. add 15 x 1 p.) ((in each 6th p. add 17 x 1 p.)) = 72 (78) ((84)) p. 

At sleeve height 39 (37) ((35)) cm, loops are free to close. 


Attach the shoulder coquette to the collar and sew to the closed edge of the front as marked on the pattern, then sew the shoulder collar together to the mark in the middle of the front. 

Stitch sleeves as noted, then sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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