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Lightweight summer blouse for women, knitted from natural cotton with a cute openwork pattern in the form of zigzags.

The size of the blouse according to the chest circumference is 109 (117, 130, 142, 156) cm. Excellent output!
Of course, the oversize style is now very popular among young people. But from a practical point of view, it is highly appreciated by women who hide some flaws in their figure, excessive completeness. For example, the openwork sleeve in this blouse with a lowered shoulder will also hide the fullness of the arm in the upper part, which is very important for many.
Knitting materials for this summer openwork blouse:

You will need Cotton Glace yarn. This is 100% mercerized cotton, which is great for summer clothes, demonstrating the clarity of loops and patterns. This cotton is produced in skeins weighing 50 grams and 114 meters long. Classic yarn of medium thickness, which is easy to choose a replacement.
In total, 11 (12, 13, 15, 16) such skeins of Oyster 730 color (oyster) are needed. The color of the oyster is a beige tone with a slight pinkish tint. Light pastel color that is great for the summer. When choosing a different color, still give preference to light colors, such a blouse in the summer will give you a fresh look.
Knitting needles.
Cotton of medium thickness is knitted with needles of 3-3.5 mm, Martin recommends knitting needles of 3.25 mm for his model.
We knit openwork edges with knitting needles of a smaller number, here we need 2.75 mm knitting needles.
Since each has its own rhythm and pace of knitting, first knit a sample to determine which number of knitting needles is best for you to get as close to the specified knitting density .;
Knitting density 3.25 mm:
23 loops and 32 rows = 10 cm with front stitch.
23 loops and 30 rows = 10 cm with an openwork pattern.
The oversize style does not set a rigid framework for the size of the product, deviations plus or minus a couple of centimeters will not spoil the blouse at the exit.
Notes on the description of knitting an openwork blouse:
A summer openwork blouse for women is knitted with needles, starting from the openwork edge instead of the usual elastic, without pulling the product down.
The lower edge of the back is longer than the similar edge in front, and does not stitch along the sides, forming side cuts.
We knit the upper part of the blouse, that is, the yoke, with a lace chevron in the form of zigzags according to the proposed scheme.
When knitting an openwork pattern according to the pattern, take into account that each decrease should have a corresponding addition. That is, if in the process of formations on the armhole and shoulders the loops are not enough to fulfill this rule, knit the extreme loops of the row with the front surface.

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