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Sizes : 38-40 (42) 44-46

You will need:  500 grams - white Cashsilk yarn (polyamide - 40%, viscose - 30%, silk - 15%, cashmere - 15%, 70 m / 50 grams), ordinary knitting needles No. 8

Knitting density:  13 stitches per 18.5 rows = 10 cm per 10 cm

Pattern for a pullover with a palm tree (36 loops - width): we  knit according to the attached scheme. The diagram shows both the front and back rows.

It is necessary to knit 18 times the 1st and 2nd row and 1 time from the 3rd to the 44th row = a total of 78 rows.

Description of knitting sweaters with a palm knitting:
The back of the pullover:  you need to dial 68 loops and knit for the strap 2 cm with a garter stitch. Next, knit only with a viscous face.

After 28 cm from the bar, additionally for the sleeves on both sides, dial 1 loop and in each 2nd row 1 x 1, 2 x 2, 2 x 3, 2 x 5 and 1 x 17 loops.

At a height of 52 cm from the plank, close all the loops at the same time, while the middle 42 loops form a neckline, the outer 52 on each side - shoulders and sleeves.

Before the pullover:  knit similarly, but with a palm pattern.

To do this, after the strap, you must first knit all the loops with the front stitch and after 7 cm from the strap we continue knitting in the following order: edge loop, 15 front stitches, 36 pattern stitches, 15 front stitches, edge stitch. At a height of 49.5 cm from the strap, knit all the loops again.

Assembly of the product:  first, perform shoulder seams, and the upper seams of the sleeves from the face so that closed loops are visible. Connect the side seams and the bottom seams of the sleeves.

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