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Lingonberry - one of the most relevant shades of the season. A short, seductive top is a great option for incendiary summer parties

Size: 36-38
You will need: “Bamboo thin” yarn (100% bamboo, 415 m / 100 g) - 150 g lingonberry color, hook number 2.5. 
Back / front: dial a chain of 108 air. p. + 3 p. lift, tie 1 row of Art. s / n Then knit according to the pattern 1 8 rapports. 
Tie 2 such details - this is the top of the top. Then fold each part in half and knit 3 rows along the edge according to scheme 2, and between the parts (in the center of the front, back and sides), knit 3 air. p. Next, knit 9 rapports according to scheme 1, then 1 row of st. s / n Tie the armholes 1 next to st. s / n

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