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Tie this Bunny for your child and she will become his favorite for him.

Knitting description

1r. 6sbn in the ring
2r. 6 increments (hereinafter pr) (12)
3R. 1SBN, pr-6raz (18)
4R. 2SBN, pr-6raz (24)
5R. 3SBN, pr-6 times (30)
6-10 rubles. on 30sbn
11r. UB, 1SBN-10 times (20)
12-15 rubles. on 20sbn
16r. 5SBN, (UB-5 times), 5SBN (15)
17R. UB, 1SBN-5 times (10)
fill and close

1p. 6sbn in the ring
2r. 6pr (12)
3R. 1SBN, pr-6raz (18)
4R. 2SBN, pr-6raz (24)
5R. 3SBN, pr-6raz (30)
6R. 4SBN, pr-6raz (36)
7R. 5SBN, pr-6raz (42)
8R. 6sbn, pr-6raz (48)
9-16r. on 48SBN 17R
. UB, 6SBN-6 times (42)
18R. UB, 5SBN-6 times (36)
19R. UB, 4sbn-6raz (30)
20p. UB, 3SBN-6 times (24)
21R. 2SBN UB-6 times (18)
22R. Ub 1sbn-6raz (12)
fill and close the
1p. 32vp
2p., 1sbn to the second from the hook, 14sbn, 5ps, 10ssn, 3sn to the last, switching to the other side 10ssn, 5ps, 15sbn 3r
. cp, 30cc, in 3 sps for 2 ss switch to the other side, until the end of the ss



1r. 6sbn in the ring
2r. 6pr (12)
3-4r for 12sbn 5r
10sbn, ub (11)
6r ub, 9sbn (10)
7-9r for 10sbn
10r ub, 8sbn (9)
11-14r for 9sbn
fill and close

Paws lower

1r 6vp
2r in the second from the hook 4sbn, 3sbn in one, 3sbn, pr (12)
3r pr, 3sbn, 3pr, 3bn, 2pr (18)
4r sbn, pr, 4sbn, pr, 3sbn, pr, 4sbn, pr, 2sbn (22)
5-6r by 22sbn
7r 6sbn, ub, 6sbn, ub, 6sbn (20)
8r 6sbn, 2ub, sbn, 2sbn 5sbn (16)
9r 4sbn, 3ub, 4sbn, ub (12)
10-15r by 12sbn
fill and close.

Decorate and dress the bunny as you like.

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