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Sizes: S / M (M / L) L / XL Product

width by girth: 108 (116) 124 cm.

Product length: 68 (69) 70 cm.

You will need: 14 (15) 16 skeins of blue yarn (65% cotton, 35% wool; 50 g / 110 m); knitting needles number 5.

Knitting technique. Elastic band: 2 persons., * 1 out., 2 persons. *, repeat from * to * to the end of the row.

Semipatent pattern:

1st row (= out. Row): 1 person. * Make 1 yarn over the knitting needle and remove the next loop, 1 person. *, repeat from * to * to the end of the row.

2nd row: 1 persons. * Knit and stitch together the front, 1 out. *, repeat from * to *, end: knit and double crochet together front, 1 person.

Repeat these 2 rows until the end of the work.

Ribbed pattern: knit * 1 wrong side facing, 1 wrong side back, 1 wrong side back, 1 right facing, * repeat from * to * until the end of the work.

Knitting density, semi-patent and ribbed patterns: 16 p. And 36 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Description of sweater knitting

Back: on knitting needles No. 5, dial 128 (140) 152 p. And knit with an elastic band. In all subsequent rows, knit loops according to the pattern (1st p. = Out. Row). When the width of the elastic is about 22 cm, the next faces. in the row, make the reductions: 2 p. knit together the wrong side, * 1 person., 2 p. knit together the wrong side *, repeat from * to * to the end of the row = 85 (93) 101 p. will remain on the knitting needles. In the next p. distribute the pattern loops as follows: 43 (47) 51 p. of the semi-patent pattern, 42 (46) 50 p. of the ribbed pattern. When the length of the part is 66 (67) 68 cm, close on both sides for the shoulder bevels at the beginning of each row: 5, 5, 6, 6, 6 (6, 6, 6, 6, 6) 6, 6, 6, 7 , 7 p. On the remaining loops, continue to knit with the same distribution of patterns another 12 cm for the collar. Finish out close (= facial ribbed pattern) and loop close.

Before: knit like a back. When it remains to tie the last 24 cm (check along the back = to the last closed loops of the shoulder bevel), finish out. side by side (= wrong side of the ribbed pattern). In the next row, make increments: knit up to 3 p. In front of the semi-patent pattern, knit from the next loop: 1 person., 1 yarn, 1 person. (= 3 p. From one loop), knit further until 3 p. Of a semi-patent pattern are crocheted, knit from the next loop: 1 yarn, 1 person., 1 yarn (= 3 p. From one loop), knit a row to end (the added loops in the next row are included in the pattern, while the crochets are twisted before knitting). Repeat these increments in every 12th row until the end of the work. Having tied up to the 1st closure of the loops of the shoulder bevel (check on the back), close the hinges for the shoulder bevel at the front and then knit another 12 cm for the collar with the same distribution of patterns and increments. Finish and close the hinges as described for the back.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams (the seam should not be stretched) and collar seams.

Sleeve: knit from the armhole from top to bottom. Count on 72 (76) 80 p. to both sides of the shoulder seam and make marks. On the knitting needles No. 5, from the front of the product, dial between the marks 73 (77) 80 p. (= 1 p. From each 2nd row). Knit with a semi-patent pattern, performing a reduction on both sides of the sleeve to decrease: after / before the chrome. knit together with a loop of 3 p. (patent pattern according to the figure), decrease in each 12th row. When 41 (45) 49 sts remain on the knitting needles, continue working with a semi-patent pattern without decreases and knit until the length of the sleeve is 43 (44) 45 cm. Then close the loops without tightening the edge. Knit the second sleeve the same way. Sew sleeve seams and side seams.

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