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It’s just beauty: a straight checkered pullover is knitted from blended cotton yarn of two colors with a pattern of removed loops and a wrong smoothness.

Sizes: 38/40 (42) 44/46

To knit a pullover with knitting needles: 350 (400) 400 g of gray Violena yarn, 300 (350) 350 g of beige mottled Violena Colori (50% cotton, 50% modal, 100 m / 50 g); straight and circular knitting needles No. 3,5. Wrong surface: faces. R. - out. n., out. R. - persons. n. In circular rows, knit out.

Pattern of shot loops: the number of loops is a multiple of 8 + 2 chrome. Knit according to the pattern on which the persons are shown. and out. R. Repeat between chrome. rapport and from the 1st to the 10th p., following the instructions for the flowers.

Knitting density: 24.5 p. And 37.5 p. = 10 × 10 cm.

Back: dial 114 (122) 130 p. With a gray thread and tie 1 cm out for a strap. stitch. Then knit with a pattern of removed loops.

After 38 cm = 142 p. (36.5 cm = 136 p.) 35 cm = 130 p. close from plank for armholes on both sides 6 p. = 102 (110) 118 p.

After 56.5 cm = 212 p. close from the bar to cut the neckline middle 64 p. and finish both sides separately. After 57 cm = 214 p. close the remaining 19 (23) 27 p. shoulders from each side of the plank.

Before: knit in the same way, but make a neckline through 52.5 cm = 196 p. from the bar, as on the back.


Sleeves: dial 64 (72) 80 p. With gray thread and tie the bar, as on the back. Then knit a pattern from the removed loops, while starting with 1 chrome. and loops from arrow A, repeat rapport, end with loops to arrow B and 1 chrome.

After 13.5 cm = 50 p. from the bar add for bevels sleeves on both sides of 1 p. and in each 8th p. 13 x 1 p. = 92 (100) 108 p., Including added loops in the pattern. After 43.5 cm = 164 p. close all loops from the bar.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams. On the neckline, dial 152 p. On gray knitting needles with a gray thread and knit out. I am smoothing the bar.

At a height of 1 cm, close all loops. Stitch sleeves, sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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