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A fine pure cotton sweater with spacious 3/4 sleeves is made of a voluminous viscous striped pattern.
XS / S (M / L) XL / XXL

You will need
Yarn (100% cotton; 50 g / 105 m) - 5 (6) 7 skeins of black, 5 (6) 7 skeins of white; knitting needles No. 5.5 and 7; circular knitting needles No. 7 60 cm long.


Structural pattern
Number of loops multiple of 3 + 2 chrome.

1st row (= faces. Row): chrome., 2 faces., * 1 yarn, 3 faces., Stretch the first of these 3 stitches through 2 other loops, repeat from *, finish: 1 faces., Chrome.

2nd row (= out. Row): all loops and crochets between chrome. knit seamy.

3rd row (= faces. Row): chrome., 1 faces., * 3 faces., Stretch the 1st of these 3 stitches through 2 other loops, 1 yarn, repeat from *, finish: 2 faces., Chrome .

4th row (= out. Row): knit as the 2nd row.

Repeat these 4 rows.

The sequence of stripes
Knit alternately 2 p. white and 2 p. blacks.

Knitting density
14 p. X 20.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a structural pattern on knitting needles No. 7.
If the instructions indicate only one number, it applies to all sizes.

Performing the work of the

On the knitting needles No. 5.5, dial with black thread 74 (80) 86 p. And knit the first row (= out. Row) purl.

Go to knitting needles No. 7 and continue to knit stripes with the structural pattern, changing the colors of the threads in the indicated sequence.

When the length of the part is 28 (30) 32 cm = 57 (61) 65 p., Make marks for the armhole on both sides.

Then knit directly until the height of the armhole is 21 (22) 23 cm = 44 (46) 48 p., And then close the loops in a row. On both sides of the average 36 p. Mark the edge of the neck.

Knitting, like a back, with the middle 36 p. For the edge of the neck close more freely.
On external sections 13 (15) 17 cm long, perform shoulder seams.

Knit from top to bottom. On circular knitting needles No. 7, dial 59 (62) 65 p. Along the edge of the armhole between the marks with a black thread, knit the first row (= out of row) with the wrong ones and continue working with a structural pattern, changing the color of the threads in the indicated sequence.

In each 8th p. close on both sides 7 times for 1 p. = 45 (48) 51 p.

When the sleeve length is 32 cm = 65 p., Close the hinges.

Knit the second sleeve the same way.

Run the seams of the sleeves and the side seams.

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