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A sweater with delightful patterns designed for professionals: it is seamlessly knitted, and it is performed from top to bottom in full.

SIZES 38/40



Yarn (55% sheep’s wool, 33% polyacryl, 12% cashmere; 90 m / 50 g) - 700 g sulfur; short and long circular knitting needles No. 5.






Knitting in a circle: the number of loops is a multiple of 4. In odd and even rows, knit: * 1 faces., 2 out., 1 faces., From * repeat.




Odd rows / faces. Rows: alternately 1 faces., 1 out. Even rows / out. ranks: out. knit stitches, faces. the loops are seamy.




In a circle, knit according to scheme 1. Odd rows are given on the scheme. In even rows, knit loops according to the drawing or as indicated, yarn over - as indicated. In each odd row on both sides add 1 p., As shown in the diagram. After 64 p. on knitting needles 76 p. In height from the 1st to the 64th p. perform 1 time, then knit according to the pattern, while the rapports of individual “braids” on the middle 54 p., highlighted in gray, constantly repeat in height, and on both sides of the middle loops knit with a pearl pattern.





Knit according to scheme 2. The scheme shows odd rows / persons. ranks. In even rows / out. knit rows of loops according to the picture. In width, a rapport for 8 p. Knit 4 times.



Knit like a pattern from "braids" A, but instead of the middle 8 p. Knit with a pattern of "Honeycomb" by 32 p. In height from the 1st to the 64th p. run 1 time. After 64 p. on knitting needles 100 p. Next, knit according to the description of the work for the back, first in rows in the forward and reverse directions, then in a circle. After the 64th p. on average 32 p. continue to work with the "Honeycomb" pattern, repeating in height from the 1st to the 8th p. and on both sides of this pattern repeat the rapports highlighted in gray, respectively, respectively, continuing the pearl pattern. When knitting according to the scheme in rows in the forward and reverse directions: only the front rows are given in the scheme, in the wrong rows of the loops, knit the loops according to the drawing or as indicated.




22 p. X 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with needles No. 5.




The product is knitted from top to bottom without seams as a single part. Arrows on the pattern indicate the direction of knitting. The product in sections of the pearl pattern is slightly pulled together in height (this is not reflected in the pattern). For greater clarity, the details of the pattern are shown separately, while new loops that are typed between the front and back are added to the back.






On short circular knitting needles No. 5, dial 96 p. And close the row, mark the beginning of the row.

Knit in a circle for the collar 15 cm with an elastic band. Next, knit for a round yoke, distributing the loop of patterns as follows: 12 p. Of pattern from “braids” A (= left sleeve), 36 p. Of pattern from “braids” B (= front), 12 p. Of pattern from “braids” A (= right sleeve) and 36 points of the pattern of "braids" A (= back). If necessary, as you add loops, switch to long circular knitting needles.

After 24.5 cm = 64 p. from the collar (= end of the yoke) on the knitting needles: 76 p. of sleeves and 100 p. of the front and back = only 352 p. After that, temporarily leave the first 252 p., knit the back in rows forwards and backwards in the last 100 p. .

After 3 cm = 8 p. from the beginning of separate knitting (= 27.5 cm = 72 p. from the collar), the back loops, having gathered 9 p. on both sides of them, connect to the remaining 100 p. At all 218 p., Continue work in a circle, on the newly dialed loops with a pearl pattern.

After 55.5 cm = 144 p. from the collar (measured along the back), resp. 52.5 cm = 136 p. from the collar (measured in front), knit for the lower bar on the loops of the external “braids” (by 4 points) according to the pattern, between them - with an elastic band, while distributing the pattern so that on both sides of the “braids” (by 4 points .) were 2 out; besides this in the 1st r. in out. the paths after, respectively, in front of the external “braids” (for 4 points), knit together with the wrong side 1 time for 2 points, and the fourth and fifth points inside all the “braids” (for 12 points), as well as the 8th and 9th p. knit together the wrong side (on the front and back decreases by 6 p.) = 206 p.

When the width of the lower bar is 6 cm, close the hinges according to the figure. Then knit the right sleeve: from 9 newly typed loops between the front and back, dial 9 p., Along the lateral edge of the back in a section of 8 p. type 5 stitches, transfer the left 76 stitches of the sleeve to the knitting needles, close the row and continue knitting according to the pattern for all 90 stitches, knit with a pearl pattern on the newly set stitches.

At the same time, starting from the end of the coquette, reduce the sleeves to narrow 14 times in each 5th r. 2 points each: knit together the last 2 points of the pearl pattern in front of the “braid” pattern, as well as the first 2 points of the pearl pattern after the “braid” pattern together.

As the loops decrease, move to shorter circular knitting needles.

After the reductions on the knitting needles 62 p. After 52.5 cm = 136 p. from the collar to continue the work with an elastic band, while in the 1st r. in the section of the pattern from the "braid", reduce 6 p., as described for the front and back = 56 p.

After 15 cm from the beginning of the elastic band, close the loops according to the figure.


Knit the left sleeve symmetrically to the right sleeve.

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