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Size of the finished product: 
total length 63 cm, width 45 cm, sleeve length 49 cm. 
Perfect for sizes 40-48, but with different fit

You will need 5 skeins of  #brushedalpacasilk  knitting needles 60 or 80 cm with numbers 5 and 4, hook, needle. 

Knitting density 17p * 26r 

We collect (knitting needles 4) 150p +1 for closure in a circle, knit 8 rows with an elastic band 1 * 1, then (knitting needles 5) we knit the front surface (only 45 cm in height). Do not forget about the marker, so as not to lose the beginning of the row. 
We divide the loops on the front and back in half, but since the front needs to be divided into 2 equal shelves, and 75 is not divided by 2, we leave 76p on the front and back 74p. 
Beginning of the row from the left side! We knit exactly half of the front (37 persons, 1 out), unfold the knitting. Edge, 35 out of 2 (2 loops remain for undercutting), we open open dial on the chain of air n 56 out of p (this is the future sleeve), remove the 2 remaining front loops and the first 2 back loops on the additional thread (undercut) and knit 70 out (back , 2 loops on both sides remain on the undercut), open dialing on the air chain 56 out of 4, 4 loops on the additional thread, 36 out front. 
There are a number of persons: chrome, 2 stitches with a slope to the left, we knit faces until 2 stitches remain on the shelf, we knit them with a slope to the left, 1 person (the first loop of the sleeve) 2 together with a slope to the right, faces all the stitches of the sleeve until 3 n, 2 together with a left bend, 1 person, the first 2 loops of the back along with a bend to the right. The raglan line is the first and last loop of the sleeve. We tie the other side in this way, the last 2 loops of the shelf with a slope to the right, out. 
Outside row: chrome, all loops out. In each front row, we reduce the notch and raglan loops on both sides, as in the first row. We knit until in the rowed line on the back there will be 20 decreases (23 cm). When the loops of the shelf end, continue to knit, making the cutout smaller. Having knitted the last person in a row, turn around and close the loops on the wrong side.

Dissolve the chain, we put on the needles 56 loops of the sleeve + 4 p undercut. We begin to knit from the second undercut loop, attach the thread, knit 2 persons, and so that there is no hole we raise the loop from the gap and knit together about the next crossed (option 1) or from the gap we knit 1 loop, and in the next row we will make decreases in these places (option 2) 54 people, we also knit the last face together with the raised loop and 2 faces of the undercut. total should be 60 p. Decreases in each 8th row, as follows: 1 person, 2 stitches with an inclination to the right, we knit all the faces until 3 stitches remain on the spoke, 2 we knit with an incline to the left, persons. In total there will be 10 such decreases. Remains 40p. After the last row with a decrease, we knit another 50 rows and knit 8 rows of elastic (knitting needles 4). You can close with a needle or knitting needles, the main thing is to be very elastic, if you want to wear sleeves with a twist. I close with crochets.
We knit the second sleeve in the same way.

We collect loops (knitting needles 4) starting from the first wrong side, with which our right shelf began. So that the bar is not stretched and holds the shape well, we type it so: from the edge, the next 2 loops from the jumpers between the edges, the 4th loop from the edge, and so on. (pull the loop up and you will see this jumper). A lot of videos of this method on YouTube. On the sleeves and the back where we closed the loops, we simply dial them back) We knit the last loop of the strap from the wrong side of the first left side shelf. Be careful! The number of loops on both sides must be the same! We knit elastic 1 * 1 in rotary rows, 6-8 rows, as you like) We close the loops in an elastic way, I prefer with crochets. Leave 20-25 cm of thread and cut.
Now you need to take a needle with a wide eye and carefully sew the elastic at the ends, which end you decide on top yourself) I sew on with a mattress seam. 

About the WTO! Wash with handles in cool water 20-30C means for wool or just shampoo. Wash very carefully and rinse in water of the same temperature! Squeeze without twisting, as if squashing. Dry on a towel horizontally, in a straightened form, otherwise creases will remain. Spread out and turn over periodically. So that is all! The pullover is ready, you can go enjoy its comfort, beauty and warmth)

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