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36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Yarn (93% cotton, 7% polyester; 105 m / 50 g) - 400 (450) 500 g white; knitting needles No. 5; short circular knitting needles No. 5.


An odd number of loops. 

Front rows: edge, alternately 1 wrong side, 1 front, finish 1 wrong side, edge. 

Wrong rows: to knit loops according to drawing.

Rows in the forward and reverse direction: front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops; in circular rows, knit all the loops face.

The number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 1 = knit according to scheme. On it are given front rows. In the wrong rows, knit loops and crochets on the wrong side. Start with the loops before the rapport, repeat the rapport constantly, end the loops after the rapport. Constantly repeat the 1st-8th rows.

Knit as a pattern A, but start with the 5-8th rows, then constantly repeat the 1st-8th rows.

The front rows are the purl loops, the wrong rows are the front loops.

Knit acc. to the pattern until the stitches are left, then turn the work with 1 double crochet, remove the 1st double crochet from the wrong side and knit back according to. to the pattern.

Right edge: hem, 1 front, from the transverse thread, knit 1 front crossed. 

Left edge: acc. knit the pattern to the last 2 loops, from the transverse thread, knit 1 crossed front, 1 front, hem.

19 p. X 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Type 87 (95) 103 loops on the knitting needles and tie a 5 cm rubber band for the strap. 

Continue the work as follows: edge, 3 (4) 5 p. Face stitch, 37 (40) 43 p. Openwork pattern A, 1 p. Purl stitch, 3 p. Face stitch, 1 p. Purl stitch, 37 (40) 43 p. With openwork pattern B, 3 (4) 5 p. With front stitch, hem. 

At the same time, it is emphasized to add for the lateral bevel on both sides in each 6th row from the plank 12 x 1 p. (In each 6th row 8 x 1 p. And in each 8th row 4 x 1 p.) In each 6 row 4 x 1 p. and in each 8th row 8 x 1 p. and further knit with front stitch = 111 (119) 127 p. 

After 33.5 cm = 90 rows (36.5 cm = 98 rows) 39.5 cm = 106 rows from the bar to continue working on all loops with the front surface. 

At the same time, close for the shoulder bevel on both sides in the 1st row from the pattern change 1 x 3 p., Then in each 2nd row 10 x 3 p. (8 x 3 p. And 2 x 4 p.) 5 x 3 p. and 5 x 4 p. 

After 41.5 cm = 112 rows (44.5 cm = 120 rows) 47.5 cm = 128 rows from the plank, close 1 x 3 (4) 4 p. shoulders on both sides, the remaining 39 (41) 43 p.

Knit like a back, but for the neck through 37 cm = 100 rows (40 cm = 108 rows) 43 cm = 116 rows from the plank continue to work with shortened rows. To do this, first leave the average 21 (23) 25 p. And finish both sides separately. 

For rounding along the inner edge, leave 1 x 3 p., 2 x 2 p. And 2 x 1 p. In each 2nd row. At the back height, close the remaining 3 (4) 4 p. Shoulders.

Type on the knitting needles for each sleeve 42 (46) 50 loops and knit with the front stitch. 

At the same time, add for the bevel the sleeves on both sides in each 4th row from the initial row 17 x 1 st. = 76 (80) 84 st. 

After 27.5 cm = 74 rows from the initial row, close all the loops.

Perform shoulder seams. 

For the neckline, dial on the circular knitting needles left on 39 (41) 43 loops of the back and front and on all 78 (82) 86 loops, knit the front smoothness in circular rows, while in the 1st circular row, knit the crochets with the previous or next loop together front to avoid the formation of holes. With an inline width of 3 cm = 8 circular rows, it is free to close all the loops, like the front ones. 

Sew in sleeves, sew side seams and sleeve seams. 

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