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Size: 38-40

You will need

Cablelight yarn (100% cashmere, 600 m / 100 g) - 350 g of white color.

Knitting needles number 2.5 and number 3.5.


 Knit a pullover in a 2-fold thread with one piece from the neck.

Facial surface: when knitting in a circle, all loops are faces.

Shawl knitting: when knitting in a circle of faces, the rows are faces. n., out. ranks - out. P.

Elastic band 1x1 / 2x2: knit alternately 1/2 persons. n., 1/2 out. P.

Hollow gum: 1st row - * 1 faces. item, 1 item, remove as out., thread before work *, repeat * - * until the end of the row. Knit the 2nd and all subsequent rows as the 1st row.

Openwork pattern: knit according to pattern 1, on which only faces are given. ranks. In out. knit rows of loops and yarn. P.

Openwork insert: knit according to scheme 2, on which only the front rows are given. In out. knit rows of loops and yarn. P.

Description of women's knitting pullover
On knitting needles No. 2.5, dial 100 p. With an Italian set, lock in a circle and knit 4 rows with a hollow rubber band, then 10 rows with a 1x1 rubber band. Then go to slice number 3,5. Distribute the loops in accordance with the figure, raglannye lines - 3 p.: Out. n., persons. n., out. n. - mark with a marker. Perform additions on raglan lines in each even row, in an odd loop, knit according to the figure. Before and back, knit the front surface, the sleeves - with an openwork pattern, including added loops in the pattern.

Back: at a height of 14 cm from the beginning of knitting, mark the middle loop and begin to knit openwork insert. At a height of 66 rows from the beginning of knitting the ragged lines, remove the loop of the sleeves on the additional thread, and loop the front and back loops in a circle and continue knitting in a circle. After 38 cm, knit 3 rows of garter stitch and close the loops.

Sleeves: transfer the loops of the sleeves to circular knitting needles, lock in a circle and knit 40 cm straight with an openwork pattern, evenly reduce 28 p., Go to knitting needles No. 2.5 and knit with an elastic 2x2 5 cm. Close the loops.

Knitting pattern, pattern and legend:

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