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38/40 (42/44) 46/48

Yarn (100% natural wool; 80 m / 50 g) - 800 (850) 900 g of color powder knitting needles No. 7; circular knitting needles No. 6.


Knit sweater number 7; a collar - on circular knitting needles No. 6.

Wrong rows: remove the first and last 2 points as purl, while stretching the thread in front of the loops. 

Front rows: knit the first and last 2 p.

Rows in the forward and reverse direction (odd number of loops). 

1st row (= wrong row): between the double hem, knit all the loops face. 

2nd row (= front row): double edging, * 1 wrong side, 1 st. From the bottom row (= 1 front, at the same time insert the spoke 1 row lower), from * constantly repeat, finish 1 wrong side and double hem. Continuously repeat 1st and 2nd rows.

Circular rows (an even number of loops). 

1st circular row: purl loops. 

2nd circular row: * alternately 1 point from the bottom row, 1 wrong side.

At the beginning of the row = double hem, 1 wrong side, 3 p. Knit together front; 
at the end of the row = knit to the last 6 stitches, then knit 3 stitches together with twisting (= 3 stitches one by one to remove, like the front stitches, return to the left knitting needle and knit together the crossed front stitch), 1 wrong side, double hem.

From 1 p., Knit 3 p. (= 1 wrong side, 1 double crochet, 1 wrong side); in the back row, knit the loops and yarn over the front and, starting from the next front row, include the loops in the semi-patent pattern.

15 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

In a semi-patent pattern in front scars on the front side in a knitted fabric, only every 2nd row is visible.



Spin 83 (91) 99 p. And knit with a semi-patent pattern, while starting with 1 wrong side. 

For the diagonal arrangement of the pattern on both sides, through 3.5 cm = 11 rows from the initial row, perform the decrease and increase as follows: start with 1 underlined decrease made by 6 steps, then 20 (22) 26 steps with a semi-patent pattern, 1 underlined increase, 29 (33) 33 p. in a semi-patent pattern, 1 underlined increase, 20 (22) 26 p. in a semi-patent pattern, end with 1 underlined decrease in 6 p.; decreases and increases balance each other, the number of loops remains unchanged. 

Reductions and increases with a similar distribution of loops repeat another 11 (12) 12 times in each 12th row.

Due to the diagonal direction of knitting, a rounded lower edge and shoulder bevels are formed. They are shown on the pattern, the dimensions are obtained by measuring the finished model. 

After 52.5 cm = 157 rows (54.5 cm = 163 rows) 56.5 cm = 169 rows from the initial row (measure in the middle) on both sides, close 27 (29) 33 p. For the shoulders and leave the middle 29 ( 33) 33 p. For the collar, the collar loops begin and end with 1 front hem of the semi-patent pattern.

Knit like a back.

Type on the knitting needles for each sleeve 33 (33) 37 p. And knit with a semi-patent pattern with double edging, while starting with 1 wrong side. 

After 17.5 cm = 53 rows (13.5 cm = 41 rows), 9.5 cm = 29 rows from the initial row, to slant the sleeves on both sides from the middle 7 p. 1 emphasized increase = 37 (37) 41 p Repeat these increments 4 (5) 6 times in each 12th row = 53 (57) 65 p. 

After 41 cm = 123 rows from the initial row, close all the loops according to to the pattern.

Perform shoulder seams. 

For the collar, transfer to circular knitting needles left on 29 (33) 33 p. Of the collar on the back and front, while at the shoulders add 1 p. So that the pattern matches. Then, starting with the 1st added shoulder loop, knit in 60 (68) 68 p. Semi-patent pattern. 

After 7.5 cm = 22 circular rows from the beginning of the knitting of the collar, close the loops in the form of a cord: turn the sweater (wrong side out), the working thread at the left knitting needle. 

On the left knitting needle dial 3 new loops. 

Then, knit * 2 stitches with knit ones; knit the 3rd knit with the next loop of the collar together with the knit crossed, return these 3 stitches of the right knitting needle to the left knitting needle and repeat * continuously * until only 3 sts remain. Sew these 3 stitches. with the start edge of the new set. 

Sew in the sleeves, make side seams and seams of the sleeves, while capturing only the outer loop of double hem, respectively, in the seam.

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