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Very delicate model with an original neckline.

Product Size: 38.

For knitting we need:

yarn, 100% viscose, 50g per 250m, white - 200g;
yarn, 100% cotton, 100g at 565m, white - 100g;
white small buttons - 3 pcs.;
hooks No1 and No1.5;
Pattern Elements:

flower - perform according to cx. 2-1 thread from viscose crochet No1.5. We start from the center and continue in a circle;
large sheet - performed by cx. 1-4 thread from viscose crochet No1.5;
a small sheet - we perform according to cx. 2-2 thread from viscose crochet No1.5. We start from the center and continue in a circle;
unconventional mesh - we knit with a cotton thread crochet No. 1. Used for knitting in between elements. We knit plots from VP, SSt, SBN, StSN, StS2N. Combinations are selected depending on the size of the site. The knitted fabric should be smooth, without wrinkles, evenly filling the gaps.


We knit a blouse using Irish knitting according to the size of the pattern. The presented pattern is typical, it requires an individual fit.


Irish crocheting is a rather laborious technique. Therefore, before you get to work, you need to be sure of the pattern. You will need to draw your pattern for individual sizes, taking into account tucks. It is advisable to cut a blouse from waste fabric, sweep away all the seams, try on. If you need to perform a fit. After that, dissolve the seams and adjust the working pattern.

Calculate the layout and number of pattern elements for each part of the model. The bottom of the product and the neck can be decorated with elements from the leaves. Fill the rest of the canvas as you wish. Link the desired number of all elements. Place them on the pattern with the wrong side up, secure with pins.

If any element extends beyond the boundaries of the part, do not get upset. Just on the return part you need to take this moment into account, leaving a free area.

We proceed to the connection of elements in a common canvas. To do this, in the intervals between patterns crochet No. 1 with cotton yarn, we perform an irregular grid.

We sew the finished parts of the front and back with cotton threads. On the edge of the cutout on the back, we knit a narrow gear border along the cx with a thread from viscose. 1. Performing the last row, we make three button loops (= arches from 5 VP). Along the edges of the neck, armhole, lower edge, we also perform the border - cx. 1. The back cut is partially grinded - see photo. The shape of the cutout is obtained in the form of two drops. Sew on the top three buttons.

If desired, sequins can be sewn onto flower petals.

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