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SIZE: 46/48

YOU NEED : 500 g of turquoise (No. 605) Alpina RAY yarn (50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 88 m / 100 g), circular knitting needles GAMMA No. 4.5, hook GAMMA No. 3.

Openwork patterns:  knit a yoke according to scheme 1, the back and front according to scheme 2, sleeves - according to scheme 3. The figures show only faces. R., in out. R. knit loops according to the pattern.

Knitting density:  15 p. And 21 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

COCKET:  dial 77 p. And tie 4 circular p. with a garter stitch, then knit with an openwork pattern (7 rapports of 11 points), expanding the pattern according to the pattern. After 28 p. openwork pattern to tie another 4 p. garter stitch and set aside the loop.

FRONT AND BACK:  dial 98 p. And tie 4 circular p. garter stitch, then knit with an openwork pattern (7 rapports of 14 p. each), narrowing the pattern according to scheme 2. Having performed 30 r. according to the scheme, repeat 27-30 p. At a height of 24 cm, perform in the center of each strip of faces. smooth (after 3 persons.) 1 yarn for widening the web to the armholes. Add 2 more times 1 yarn over 6 p. on the one hand from the 1st yarn, then after 6 p. - with another. At a height of 30 cm, divide the canvas into front and back so that there is an openwork track in the center of the front, closing on the sides for armholes of 3 p.



Attention!  The pattern should be symmetrical about the center for the front and back. Knit the back and before separately, continuing the pattern and reducing 1 p. On each side for armholes. For the front, tie another 5 cm. For the back - 8 cm. Set aside the loops.

HOSE : dial 32 p. And tie 4 p. garter stitch, then distribute the loops as follows: 1 chrome. 3 persons., 2 rapports of 12 p. According to the scheme, 3 persons., 1 chrome. Having completed 30 p. according to the scheme, repeat 27-30 p., adding every 6 p. 1 p. on both sides. After 45 cm, for okata, close 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. And 3 x 1 p. On both sides. Close the remaining loops.

ASSEMBLY:  sew open loops of yoke and front / back with a horizontal seam, combining openwork patterns (see photo). Sew on the sleeves and complete the seams of the sleeve o .



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