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Yarn (100% cashmere wool; 58 m / 25 g) - 500 g mint; circular knitting needles No. 5.5, length 80, 60 and 40 cm; loop markers.


Front and back rows - front loops. With circular knitting, knit alternately 1 row of facial, 1 row of purl.

From the right edge = 2 p. After the "braid" to knit together the front. 

From the left edge = the penultimate loop in front of the “oblique”, take off the next loop, knit the front loop and stretch it through the removed loop.

Knit according to the pattern. Distribute the loops according to the description in the instructions, repeat in height from the 1st to the 14th river / circle.

19.5 p. X 23 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by an openwork pattern.


On the longest circular knitting needles, dial 224 p., Close the loops in a ring and mark with a marker the beginning of the circular row (= side line). Tie 6 circle. garter stitch. 

Continue the work with an openwork pattern, while starting from 2 p. From arrow a, repeat 4 times from 27 p. And finish 2 p. To arrow b, mark the opposite side line with a marker and repeat the repetition of the openwork pattern in height. 

After 40 cm = 92 p. (in the 8th circle of the river scheme) from the set of rows close on both sides of the markers 8 p. = on the knitting needles lies 96 p. for the front and for the back. Loops to leave.

Dial 41 p. And knit 6 p. garter stitch in rows in the forward and reverse direction. 

Continue the work with an openwork pattern, while after chrome. start with 5 p. from arrow c, perform rapport of 27 p. 1 time and end 7 p. to arrow d and chrome. 

For bevels, add on both sides 18 times in each 5th river. 1 p. and added loops immediately include in the pattern = 77 p. With a sleeve height of 40 cm = 92 p. (= in the 8th circle of the river scheme) close on both sides for okat 8 p. = 61 p., then leave the loops.

On long circular knitting needles, transfer 61 p. Of the left sleeve, 96 p. Of the front, 61 p. Of the right sleeve, 96 p. Of the back and loops to close in the ring = 314 p. ., 2 p. Cross right; on the last 3 p. knit as follows: 2 p. cross left, 1 out. 

Between these first and last loops of parts, continue to perform an openwork pattern, while starting from the 9th circle. patterns and make sure that the loops of the pattern do not shift in relation to the previous row. 

For ragged bevels, decoratively decrease 4 times in each 4th circle. and another 22 times in every 2 r. before and after narrow ragged “braids”, 1 point = 8 decreases in each circular row with decreases. 

If necessary, switch to shorter circular knitting needles. 

At the same time, after 19 cm = 43 circle. leave for the neck a middle 28 p. and continue to knit in rows in the forward and reverse direction. Moreover, in every 2 r. leave for rounding the cut from both ends of the row 2 times for 2 p. and 5 times for 1 p. 

After 6 cm = 14 p. from the beginning of the cut, again knit in circular rows on all 106 stitches with a garter stitch. Moreover, in the 1st circle. knit crossed (so that small holes do not appear on the finished product) the left loops of the neck of the front. 

When the height of the neckline is 8 circles, connected with a garter stitch, close all the loops as face.

Suture the sleeves and sew the lower edges of the armholes and ridges at the beginning of the ragged bevels.

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