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Wonderful pullover with a “boat” neckline and a fairly simple textured design will come in handy for you every day. Size: 44/48/52 Chest girth 108/120/132 cm YOU WILL NEED 800/850/900 g of pink Extra Soft Merino Grande yarn (100% wool; 50 g / 30 m); knitting needles No. 6, circular knitting needles No. 6 40 cm long; 1 m of brown satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide. PATTERNS Shawl knit: persons. and out. R. - persons. P.; Textured pattern: knit according to the pattern, repeat the 1-16th p. KNITTING DENSITY 18 p. And 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm. BACK

On knitting needles No. 6, dial 82/90/98 p. And knit 5 p. with a garter stitch, then knit with a pattern according to the pattern, as indicated, following the rapport from 8 p. 9/10/11) times. At a height of 44/42/40 cm, close 3 p. track. 2 p., 2 p. At the beginning of the next. 2 p., 1 p. At the beginning of the next 6 p., = 66/74/82 p. At a height of 62 cm, close all the loops. 


Knitting like a back. At a height of 56 cm (having completed the 12th river of the pattern), to form a neckline, knit to the central 10 stitches, attach the thread from another ball, close the 10 central stitches and knit to the end of the st. Knit both parts at the same time, closing on both sides of the central stitches for 4 stitches, 3 stitches, 2 stitches and 3 times 1 sts. At the same height as on the back, close the remaining 16/20/24 st shoulder. 

On knitting needles No. 6, dial 50/58/58 p. And knit 5 p. garter stitch, then follow the pattern according to the pattern as indicated by doing a rapport from 4 points 5/6/6 times. To form an armhole add on both sides in each 10th r. 8 times / in every 10th p. 8 times / in each 8th p. 6 times and in every 6th p. 6 times, 1 p., = 66 (74; 82) p. At a height of 29/29/31 cm, roll the sleeve, closing the next trace at the beginning. 2 p. 3 p., At the beginning of the next 2 p. 2 p., At the beginning of the next 28 p. 1 p., at the beginning of the next 2 p. 2 p., At the beginning of the next 2 p. 3 p., Close the remaining 18/26/34 p. At a total height of 40/40/42 cm. 


Perform all seams, sew in sleeves. On circular knitting needles along the neckline, raise 66 p. And perform * 1 circular p. out. item and 1 circular river. persons. p. *, repeat from * to * 2 times. Close all items as wrong.

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