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European: 38-40 (42-44).
Russian: 44-46 (48-50).
You will need:

600 (700) grams of gray-blue yarn, consisting of 93% cotton, 7% polyamide; thread length 100 meters in 50 grams;
knitting needles number 5;
circular knitting needles No. 4,5.
Pattern 1: the pattern of the strap (the number of loops is a multiple of 20 + 1 (9) + 2 hem) = knit according to scheme 1. It shows the front rows. In the wrong rows, knit loops according to the drawing or according to the pattern, knit the crochets on the wrong side.

For the 1st size, start with 1 edge, repeat repeatedly, end the loop to the arrow and 1 edge.

For the 2nd size, start with 1 hem and loops before rapport, repeat the rapport constantly, end with loops after rapport and 1 hem.

Continuously repeat the 1st to 4th rows.

Pattern 2: wrong side surface = front rows - wrong loops, wrong rows - front loops.

Pattern 3: openwork pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 20 + 1 (9) + 2 edging) = knit according to scheme 2. It shows the front and back rows. Start with 1 edge, 0 (4) loops with pattern 2, repeat the pattern repeatedly, end with a loop after rapport, 0 (4) loops with pattern 2 and 1 edge. Continuously repeat 1st-32th rows.

The underlined decreases: the right edge = edge, knit 2 loops together with the front inclining to the left (remove 1 loop as the front, 1 front, then stretch it through the removed loop); left edge = knit to the last 3 stitches, knit 2 stitches together with the front, hem.

Knitting density: pattern 1 - 17 loops on 30 rows corresponds to 10 by 10 cm; pattern 3 - 20.5 loops in 23 rows corresponds to 10 by 10 cm.

Attention: due to the different density of knitting, the trims are slightly flared. On the pattern, this is depicted as a bevel.
Back: knit 103 (111) stitches and knit 10 cm or 30 rows with pattern 1. Continue with pattern 3.

After 47 cm or 108 rows (45 cm or 104 rows) from the plank, close for armholes on both sides 1 time 10 (14) loops = 83 loops.

After 62.5 cm or 144 rows from the bar, close the middle 39 loops for the neck and finish separately.

After 65 cm or 150 rows from the bar, close the remaining 22 loops of the shoulders.

Knit the front part as a back, but for the neck through 47 cm or 108 rows from the bar, divide the work after 42 loops and finish both sides separately, with the last loop of the left shelf becoming edge; for the right shelf, add 1 edge = 42 loops along the inner edge.

For the bevel of the neckline along the inner edge, it is emphasized to reduce 1 loop in each 2nd row 20 times.

Sleeves: dial 63 (71) stitches on the needles for each sleeve and knit 10 cm or 30 rows with pattern 1. Continue with pattern 3.

After 44.5 cm or 102 rows from the plank, close all the loops.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams.

For the plank, dial 117 loops on circular knitting needles along the edge of the neck and knit 5 circular rows of faces, while in the 2nd and 4th circular rows in the corner of the neck of the front part knit 3 loops together so that the middle loop is on top (2 loops remove as face 1 face and pull it through the removed loops).

Then close the remaining 113 loops as facial. Slightly pull on, sew in sleeves. Make side seams and sleeve seams.

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