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Summer pullover with a pattern of tulips, knitting

Sizes: 38/40 and 44/46. 


Data for size 44-46 is shown in brackets (). 

If only one value is specified, it applies to both sizes.

Pullover length: approximately 61 cm.

You will need: 

550 (600) g of LINIE 275 MELOA yarn from Online lemon color Fb. 32 (59% cotton, 41% viscose, 105 m / 50 g); knitting needles number 4. 

Pattern tulips: The number of loops is a multiple of 18 + 1 + chrome. P. 

Knit according to the pattern.

In out. rows of loops knit according to the pattern, knit the crochets out.

In height, repeat from the 1st to the 36th p.

Persons. surface: faces. R. - persons. n., out. R. - out. P.

Out. surface: faces. R. - out. n., out. R. - persons. P.

Knitting density:

pattern tulips and faces. smooth surface: 24 p. and 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Dial 129 (147) p. And knit the 1st (out) p. persons. loops, 2nd and 3rd p. - out. loops. 

In height, directly knit a pattern of tulips trail. way: chrome., 9 p. before rapport, 6x (7x) rapport, 10 p. after rapport, chrome. 


For size 44-46, start with the 19th row of the pattern so that the bevel of the neck fits into the pattern. 

For a V-shaped neckline, after 39 cm of the main pattern (after the 18th (36th) row of the pattern), knit 2 stitches from the middle loop and finish both sides by 65 (74) st. Separately.

To round the neck, decrease in each 2 r. 26 x 1 p.: 

At the beginning of the row after chrome. knit 2 p. together persons. broach (= remove 1 item as a person., 1 person. item and stretch it through the removed item) 

At the other edge of the cut at the end of the row in front of the chrome. knit 2 p. together persons.

For a shoulder bevel, after 55 cm of the pattern, close the tulips on both sides with 1 x 4 (6) p., Then in each 2 r. close 7x 5 (6) p.

Back: start as before. 

Perform shoulder braces on both sides as described for the front. 

To cut the neck through 57 cm of the pattern, close the middle tulips 45 p. And finish both sides separately. 

For rounding the neck in the 2nd r. close 1 x 3 p.


Dial 64 (68) p. And knit the 1st (out) p. persons. loops, 2nd and 3rd p. - out. loops. 

Next, continue with facial smoothness. 

For beveling sleeves on both sides in each 16th r. add 3 x 1 p. (in each 8th p. 7 x 1 p.) = 70 (82) p. 

For the upper bevel of the sleeve, after 20 cm of the main pattern on both sides in each 2nd p. close 7 x 3 (4) p., then close the remaining 28 (26) p.


Perform shoulder seams. 

For the neckline, raise 129 p. (Back neckline 43 p., Bevels of the neck 43 p.), Knit 2 circles. R. wrong side, 1 circle. a number of facial, while closing all the loops.

Stitch sleeves as noted, then sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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