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32/34 (36/38) 40/42

Yarn (54% alpaca, 23% polyamide, 14% wool, 9% polyester; 115 m / 50 g) - 400 (400) 450 g blue; knitting needles number 6.5 and 7; circular knitting needles No. 7.


Knit in rows in the forward and reverse direction = the number of loops should be a multiple of 4 + 2 hem. Each row begins and ends with 1 hem.

Facial row: * 1 front, 2 wrong side, 1 front, from * constantly repeat.

Wrong row: knit loops according to the picture. When knitting in circular rows constantly repeat 2 front, 2 wrong.

The number of loops should be a multiple of 6 + 2 + 2 edge.

Knit according to the pattern. On it are given the front rows and partially back rows. In the unmarked wrong rows in the diagram, knit the loops according to the figure.

Start with the edge and the loop before the rapport, constantly repeat the repeat, end the loop after the rapport and the edge. In height 1 time, complete 1–12 rows, then repeat 5–12 rows 10 times, then constantly repeat the 5th and 6th rows.

15 p. X 18 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a "braid" pattern;
14.5 p. X 18 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with an elastic band.

The change of knitting needles after the first 8 rows on the front and back serves to stabilize and is not taken into account on the knitting pattern and on the pattern.



For knitting needles No. 6.5, dial 76 (82) 88 loops and knit with the Scythe pattern, and after 8 rows go to knitting needles No. 7.

For shoulder bevels, 51 cm = 92 rows from the stacked row on both sides, close 1 x 3 p., Then in each 2nd row close 6 x 2 p. (3 x 2 p. And 3 x 3 p.) 6 x 3 p.

At the same time, to cut the neck through 55.5 cm = 100 rows from the stacked row, close the middle 32 p. And finish both sides separately.

To round the cut along the inner edge in each 2nd row, close 2 x 1 p.

After 59 cm = 106 rows from the plank, close the remaining 5 p. Shoulders on both sides.

Knit like a back, but with a deeper neckline, for this, after 53.5 cm = 96 rows from the plank, close the middle 24 p., Then in each 2nd row close 2 x 2 p. And 2 x 1 p .

On №7 dial needles 26 (30) 34, p. and knit band.

At the same time, for the bevels of the sleeves from the typesetting according to the figure, add 4 x 1 p. In each 18th row (5 x 1 p. In each 14th row) 6 x 1 p. = 34 (40) in each 12th row 46 p.

After 42 cm = 76 rows from the stacked row, close all the loops.

Perform shoulder seams.

For the collar, on the neckline of the circular knitting needles, dial 128 p. And knit with an elastic band. After 26 cm from the beginning of the collar, all loops can be freely closed according to the figure.

Sew in sleeves, sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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