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Openwork weaves and small bumps evenly distributed throughout the canvas, plus the rich color of winter needles, are exactly what every woman needs in her everyday wardrobe

Size: 46/48.
To make a pullover, we need: dark green yarn (alpaca 80%, wool 20%, 300m / 50g) - 450 grams, knitting needles No. 4.

Types of knitting: 
Elastic band (1x1): alternate 1LP, 1IP.
Fantasy pattern: we follow the pattern, we knit loops in width before rapport, and end with loops after rapport. Repeat in height from the 3rd to the 34th row.
We observe the density of knitting: 27p. x 23r. = 10x10 cm (knitting needles No. 4, fancy pattern, thread in two additions).

Work description
Pullover is knitted with a single piece of fabric from the back to the front.

For the back: we knit 116 loops on the knitting needles and knit 20 rows with an elastic band (1x1). Then, in the seventh row from the elastic, 3 loops must be added uniformly. Total on the knitting needles: 119 loops, we distribute them as follows: hem, 2LP, 113 loops - fancy pattern, 2LP, hem.

Left and right sleeve: to expand the sleeves in the second row from the elastic, we add 1 loop on both sides. Further, in each 13th row, once, 1 loop, 3x1 loops in each fourth row, 6x1 loops in every second row, 4x1 loops in every second row, 5x2 loops, 5x3 loops, 5x4 loops, 3x5 loops, 1x6 loops. Total we get on the knitting needles: 281 loops. Next, we perform 42 rows directly with a fantasy pattern. 

Then we proceed to the design of the neckline. To do this, close the middle 37 loops in 145 rows from the elastic.

Before : in the 146th row from the elastic, we make additions on both sides of the neckline in 1 loop. Further, in every fourth row 6x1 loop, in every second row 12x1 loop. Further, in the 196th row from the elastic, we knit the middle two loops together and thus get 281 loops on the knitting needles.
We continue to work symmetrically to the back. Starting from the 291st row, we knit an elastic band of 20 rows. Then we close all the loops in one go.

Pullover assembly and decoration: 

We put on knitting needles along the edge of the sleeves for 58 loops and knit with elastic band (1x1) 20 rows. Then we close all the loops. We carry out side seams and seams of sleeves. 
Ready  knitted pullover  must be thoroughly moistened and allowed to dry in a horizontal position.

Scheme and legend:

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