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A beautiful feminine sweater with an openwork pattern made of flowing viscose yarn. But if you wish, you can choose other types of yarn.

36/38 (46/48)

You will need
Yarn (100% viscose; 175 m / 100 g) - 800 (900) g raspberry; knitting needles number 3.5; circular knitting needles No. 3.5.

Patterns and patterns

Elastic band The
number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 chrome.

1st row (= faces. Row): chrome., * 2 faces., 2 out., From * constantly repeat, finish chrome.

2nd row (= out. Row): knit stitches according to the picture.

In height, repeat the 1st and 2nd rows.

Openwork pattern The
number of loops is a multiple of 21 + 2 chrome. Knit as shown. The diagram shows only the front rows, in the back rows of the loop, including the stitch loops, and knit the crochets on the wrong side. In width, start with chrome., Constantly repeat rapport, finish chrome. Repeat in height from the 1st to the 20th row.

rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops.

The density of knitting
23 p. X 30.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Performance of work

Dial 106 (126) p. And knit for the lower bar 2 cm with an elastic band, while in the last out. add 1 (2) p. = 107 (128) p. evenly.

Continue to work with an openwork pattern.

After 50.5 cm = 154 p. (54 cm = 164 p.) From the bottom plate close the middle 41 (48) p. For the neck and finish both sides separately.

Close the remaining 33 (40) p. Of the shoulder at a height of 52.5 cm = 160 p. (56 cm = 170 p.) From the lower bar.

Knitting, like a back, but for a deeper neck, average 41 (48) p. Close after 46 cm = 140 p. (49.5 cm = 150 p.) From the lower bar and finish both sides separately.

Dial 58 (62) p. And knit 6 cm with an elastic band, while in the last out. add evenly 7 (3) p. = 65 p.

Continue the work with an openwork pattern.

After 31.5 cm = 96 p. from gum add on both sides for bevels, first 1 time for 1 p., then 4 times in each 8th p. and 1 time in the next 6th p. (10 times in each 4th p.) 1 p. Of persons. smooth surface = 77 (87) p.

After 46 cm = 140 p. close the gum loop.

Perform shoulder seams.

For an inlay, dial 116 (132) sts on circular knitting needles along the edge of the neck and knit 4 cm in a circle with an elastic band. Then close all the loops according to the figure.

Sew on sleeves. Make side seams and sleeve seams.

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