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Fashionable sleeve length three quarters, cut “bat” exquisite color transitions and, of course, patterns - this pullover is a real find for the fall! Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46 You will need: 500 (550) 600 g olive / chestnut brown (color 202) Linarte Color yarn (40% viscose, 30% cotton, 20% linen, 10 % polyamide, 125 m / 50 g) Lana Grossa; knitting needles No. 6 and No. 7, circular knitting needles No. 6 and No. 7, hook No. 4. Elastic band: alternately 2 persons., 2 out. Pattern with loops removed: knit according to the pattern. Start with loops in front of the 1st arrow, repeat 3 points of rapport between the arrows, end with loops after the 2nd arrow. The diagram shows 3 rapports. Repeat 1st - 4th p.

Knitting density: 21 p. And 33.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm (pattern with loops removed, knitting needles No. 7). 

The pullover is knitted across one piece. Arrows on the pattern - the direction of knitting. 

Job description: for the left sleeve on knitting needles No. 6, dial 38 (46) 50 p., Knit for the strap 5 cm = 17 p. rubber band starting in the 1st r. with chrome. and 1 out., ending 1 out., chrome. 

In the last r. evenly add strips 10 (8) 10 p. = 48 (54) 60 p. Then knit with needles No. 7 with a pattern with the loops removed. 

In the 3rd r. from the bar for bevels "bat" add on both sides 1 p., then in every 2 r. 3 x 1 p., Redial 9 x 2 p., 1 x 4 p. And 1 x 6 p. And for lateral length 1 x 28 p. = 224 (230) 236 p.

The added loops should be included in the pattern. The length of the back will be reached from the right edge, the length of the front from the left edge. With the increasing number of loops go to the circle. knitting needles. 

After 10 (12) 14 cm = 34 (40) 46 p. shoulder width for neckline to divide the work in half and knit further separately. 

Set aside 112 (115) 118 p. From the left edge of the work for the front and knit 112 (115) 118 p. From the right edge for the back, while closing the left edge in each 2nd p. 4 x 1 p. = 108 (111) 114 p. 

Knit 68 p. straight. Then again add in every 2 r. 4 x 1 p. For rounding the neckline = 112 (115) 118 p. And include the added loops in the pattern.

After 25 cm = 84 p. defer the width of the neckline of the loop. Knit deferred 112 (115) 118 p. Front, while closing from the right edge to round off the neckline in every 2 r. 4 x 2 p. And 4 x 1 p. = 100 (103) 106 p. 

Knit 52 p. straight and diminished loops again add in every 2 r. symmetrically = 112 (115) 118 p., including them in the pattern. After 25 cm = 84 p. From the beginning of the neckline, knit again on all loops. 

The part continues to knit symmetrically and finish symmetrically with the right sleeve, performing, instead of additions, decreases. After the last row of the strap, the sleeves of the loop should be closed according to the figure.

To the circle. knitting needles No. 6 on the lower edge of the back and front, dial 82 (90) 98 p., tie for the strap 5 cm = 17 p. rubber band starting in the 1st out. R. with chrome. and 1 out., ending 1 out., chrome., and loops freely close as shown. 

Perform side seams - sleeve seams. Crochet No. 4 to tie the neckline 1 circle. R. conn. Art.

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