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36/38 (42/44)

Yarn (50% cotton, 50% polyester; 90 m / 50 g) - 350 (450) g ​​white and 150 (200) g gray mottled; circular knitting needles No. 6; hook number 5; silver chain for a handbag (70 cm long)


The number of loops at the beginning is a multiple of 19. 

Knit according to. scheme. It contains odd circular rows and front rows. In even circular rows and wrong rows, knit all loops according to the pattern, crochets in circular rows knit the front, in the wrong rows - wrong. 

Rapport constantly repeat.

Run 2 times the 1–18th circular rows, then 2 times complete the 37–52th circular rows, then 4 times complete the 69–82th circular rows, finish the 125–164th circular rows / rows, while doing decrease in each rapport acc. scheme. 

Reduced gray marks in each rapport should be performed only in the 37th and 69th circular rows, with the next repetitions of this rapport in height, knit 1 front here.

Knit in rows in the forward and reverse direction = front rows - front loops, wrong
rows - wrong loops.

17.5 p. X 23 circle. p. / p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by an openwork pattern (on average).

The back and front to the armholes are knitted in a single cloth in circular rows. Then finish the parts separately in rows in the forward and reverse direction. 

All the decreases inside the pattern are depicted on the pattern as a bevel.



With gray melange thread, put 228 (266) stitches on the knitting needles, lock the work into a ring and knit with a pattern 1 = 12 (14) rapports or 6 (7) rapports for the front and back.

After 15.5 cm = 36 rows from the initial row, continue with white thread.

After 60 cm = 138 circular rows, 132 (154) more loops will remain on the knitting needles.

After 60 cm = 138 circular rows from the initial row, divide the work for the armholes and first continue to work for the transfer only on the first 66 (77) loops = 6 (7) rapports in rows in the forward and backward directions, while in the 1st row from the division close on both sides 1 x 4 p. = 58 (69) p. Now the pattern begins and ends 1/2 rapport + edge. 

Next, knit the 1st and last loops as edge, and instead of knitting 3 loops together with a broach at the beginning of the row, after the hem, knit 2 loops together front; at the end of the row, in front of the hem, knit 2 loops together with an inclination to the left. 

After 69.5 cm = 160 circular rows from the initial row, 38 (45) loops will remain on the knitting needles. In the next front row, knit 5 (6) x 2 wrong seams together with wrong seam = 33 (39) st. 

After 71.5 cm = 164 rows from the starting row, knit another 2 (6) rows with the front stitch, while in the 1st row , evenly distributing, reduce 3 (5) p. 

After 72 cm = 166 rows (74 cm = 170 rows) from the initial row, close the remaining 30 (34) loops as face.

Knit the back on the remaining 66 (77) stitches = 6 (7) rapports, the same as before, but with a neck. To do this, after 67 cm = 154 rows (69.5 cm = 160 rows) from the initial row, on the knitting needles 48 (45) more stitches, perform decreases in the next row according to. scheme = 38 (39) p., simultaneously close the middle 2 (3) loops and both sides on 18 loops, respectively, finish separately. 

On the inner edge, knit the last 2 loops in front of the edge and the first 2 loops after the edge stitch.

For a bevel along the inner edge, reduce 4 x 1 p. In each 2nd row, for this, through 3 loops from the edge, knit 2 loops according to pattern together and for the 1st size in the 161st row also knit 2 purl together purl. 

After the last row of the pattern, tie another 2 (6) rows with face stitch, then close the remaining 12 (14) loops, as face, at the front height.

The edges of the armhole should be tied with white thread 1 next to Art. non-cash Sew the chain to the closed edge of the front and back, while each link is fixed with 1 overcasting stitch to the back wall of the loop of the closed edge. Position the chain so that the clasp is in the middle of the neck of the back and the free sections of the chain on both sides serve as straps.

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