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1/3 –6/9 –12/18 months. (2–3/4) years

Head circumference:
42-44-46 (48-50) cm

- DROPS FABEL yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 50 g / 205 m) 1 skein of yarn of section dyeing,
- knitting needles 2.5 mm

Knitting density:
26 loops and 34 rows = 10 x 10 cm hosiery
knitting scripture knitting needles for the baby.
Dial 104-112-120 (128-136) p. And knit with an elastic band 2x2 (2 p.p., 2 l.p.) 6-8-8 (10-10) cm.

Continue knitting with stocking and at the same time in the front row evenly reduce 14-16-18 (20-22) st. = 90-96-102 (108-114)

st . After 14-16-17 (19-20 ) cm from the set edge close at the beginning of the trace. 2 rows of the first 6 sts and put 6 markers, dividing the loops on the spoke trace. way:
the first marker after the 1st loop and the remaining 5 markers every 13-14-15 (16-17) p., after the last marker on the spoke should remain 12-13-14 (15-16) p.

Continue knitting with a garter stitch on all loops and at the same time start making decreases by 1 point after each marker in every 2nd row until 12 points remain on the spoke.

Next. row knit on all loops 2 points each together with the front, cut the thread and stretch its end through the remaining loops, tighten and fasten the thread.

Sew the bonnet along the back seam and also sew 6 previously closed loops on each side.

Gather 60-80 loops on the lower edge of the bonnet and sew 2 cm in stocking, close the loops.

For ties, cut 2 yarns about 2 meters long, twist out into a spiral and sew to a bonnet.

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