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Materials used:
Yarn 50% wool, 47% polyacryl, 5% polyester, 313m / 50g in 2 threads, knitting needles №№ 2.5 and 3.5.

Size 116-122 (5-6 years)

Knitting from top to bottom in a circle. Gained 128 loops. The rapport is equal to 16 loops “1i, 1l to remove without knitting (thread at work), 1i, 2l, 1i, 2l, 1i, 1l, 1i, 2l, 1i, 2l”, repeated 8 times.
Thus, 15 rows of gum fit.

The bottom row of the circuit, which does not have a number, is an elastic band.
The coquette expands due to the addition of 2 loops in the rapport. Additions are from 3 to 15 rows and from 21 to 31 rows.
The column of facial loops passing from the elastic to the leaf is knitted in the original with crossed facial loops (in each row). I knitted differently: 1) a crossed facial; 2) remove the loop without knitting, the thread at work - repeat these 2 rows.
After knitting the yoke, the total number of loops is 336.
Distributed as follows: 65p. sleeve - 103p. back - 65 p. sleeve - 103p. before.
The sprout is tied on the back and is 10 rows of front surface.
When connecting the front and back, it turns out 206p.

Knit 5 cm with front stitch. Then distribute 103 front loops as follows:
3l, marker, 25l, 1l. n. raglanny line, marker, 45l, marker, 1l. n. raglannaya line, 25l, marker, 3l.
The marker marks the working area for tying pockets.

Increase on both sides of the ragged lines:
in each 5th row 6 times;
in every 2nd row 12 times.

The formation of the pocket

1 row: 3l, put on the auxiliary knitting needle or thread 44 p, knit 81l, put on the auxiliary knitting needle or thread 44 p, 3l.
2 row: 3l, dial 8 stitches, 81l, draw 8 stitches, 3l.

I gathered 8 loops on the auxiliary thread, then knitted the main thread. This makes it possible to attach a pocket without a seam and loops gathered around the edge.

Both rows can be knitted at the same time.

Knit to the desired length (I have a total dress length of 62 cm). The last 5 cm, knit with a rubber band 2l to 2i.


Raise the deferred 44p and 8p on the knitting needles, draw 1 loop from the canvas along the edges of the pocket. Total 54p. Knit in height 11 cm. Sew the bottom of the pocket.
The second knit is similar.


From a sprout dial 9 loops. Total 74p. Next, knit 96 rows according to the pattern, reducing 2 loops 5x1 times, each 10x9 times, until 54 stitches remain.
After the scheme, you can adjust the length of the sleeve. Decrease 1 loop in the last row and knit 15 rows with an elastic band.

1l - 1 front loop.
1i - 1 wrong side loop.

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