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Materials: The
yarn is the same in thickness, the hook for your yarn.
I have Moher Classic for a rat in blue and Nako Paris for a rat in yellow, a hook of 1.6 mm.
Wire, thick cardboard (for insoles), or a piece of plastic (I have a mayonnaise lid), pupils, electrical tape and a good mood.

We stuff the parts with filler during knitting.

HEAD, start from the nose.
dark thread
1 6 in the spacecraft
2 6pr (12)
3 (sbn., pr) x6 (18)
4-6 to 18bn
7 (sbn., ub) x6 (12)
8-10 12sbn
11 6ub
changes color
12 6 ave. (12)
13 (sbn., Pr) x6 (18)
14 18bn
15 (2sbn., Pr) x6 (24)
16 24sbn
17 (3sbn., Pr) x6 ( 30)
18 30sbn
19 (4sbn., Ave.) X6 (36)
20 36sbn
21 (5sbn., Ave.) X6 (42)
22 42sbn
23 (6sbn., Ave) x6 (48)
24-33 48sbn (10 ranks)
34 2vp, 2sbn. skip, 46sbn
35-36 48sbn
37 (6sbn., ub) x6 (42)
38 (5sbn., ub) x6 (36)
39 (4sbn., ub) x6 (30)
40 (3sbn., ub) x6 (24 )
41 (2SBN, UB) x6 (18)
42 (SBN, UB) x6 (12)
43 6ub, pull off, hide the end.
1 6 ka, vp., Turn
2 ave., 4sbn., Ave., Ave., Turn
3 ave., 6sbn., Ave., Ave., Turn
4 ave., 8sbn., Ave., Ave., Turn
5 ave., 10sbn., Ave. . leave thread for sewing.
squirrels with
white yarn
1 6sbn.v ka
2 6rp
3 (sbn., pr) x6 (18)
4 (2sbn., pr) x6 (24)
5-8 24sbn
9 (2sbn., ub) x6
10 (sbn, ub ) x6
fill with filler
11 6ub, pull off, hide the thread
Knit the same four parts.
The inner part with pink yarn:
1 6 in KA
2 6pr (12)
3 (sbn., Pr.) X6 (18)
4 (2sbn., Pr) x6 (24)
5 (3sbn, pr) x6 (30)
6 (4sbn ., pr.) x6 (36)
7 (5sbn., pr) x6 (42)
8 (6SBN., D) x6 (48), break the thread.
We knit the other two parts according to the same pattern, but do not break the thread, fold it in pairs and knit in a circle 48sbn, leave the thread for sewing.

VP 2-6 12SBN (5 rows)
7 (SBN, D) x6 (18SBN)
8-11 18SBN (4 rows)
12 (2SBN, D) X6 (24)
13-16 24SBN
17 (3SBN ., pr) x6 (30)
18-21 30sbn
22 (4sbn., pr) x6 (36)
23-24 36sbn
25 (5sbn., pr) x6 (42)
26-27 42sbn
28 (6sbn., pr) x6 (48)
29-30 48sbn
31 (7sbn., Pr) x6 (54)
32-35 54sbn
36 9vp, skip 27sbn, 27sbn
37 we start from the chain of bp 36sbn
38 (4sbn., Ass.) X6 (30)
39 30sbn
40 (3SBN, UB) x6 (24)
41 24SBN
42 (2SBN, UB) x6 (18)
43 18SBN
44 (SBN, UB) x6 (12)
45 12SBN
46 (SBN, UB) x4 ( 8)
47-50 8sbn thread cut, hide.

We measure the wire to the length of the body + 6 cm for the head and 10 cm for the shoes.

We measure the wire to the length of the tail, (about 30 cm).

We fix the attachment points with electrical tape and refuel inside the carcass.

continue to knit the second little flap.
37 row for the other foot 36sbn, continue as for the first.

BOOTS with
dark yarn we knit the sole:
12 VP,
1 from the 2nd loop, 10 SBN, 3 SBN to the top of the chain, on the other side 9SBN, PR
2 PR, 9 SBN, 3 PR, 9 SBN, 2 PR
3 1 sbn, pr, 11sbn, 3 pr, 14 sbn, we cut out the insoles from thick cardboard or plastic.
we change the yarn to the main color of the shoe, we knit for the back half-walls
4-5 34sbn
6 ub, 12 sbn, 7 pssn, 13 sbn (33)
Insert insoles
7 row: 9 sbn, 8 ubb, 8 sbn (25)
8 row: 7 sbn , 6 ub, 6 sbn (19)
9-10 19 sbn
11 for the rear p / p ub., (Ub., Sbn) x5, ub,
insert the shoe in the loop, we stuff and continue knitting
12 sbn., (Ub, 2sbn) x2., kill., sbn
we change to the color of the paw.
13-16 9SBN hem to the carcass.
Knit a shoe of the 4th and 11th row for the front half-loops in a row of sbn., Hide the thread.

1 6sbn. in spacecraft
2 6pr (12)
3-6, make a loop of wire, wrap with electrical tape, insert into the foot and continue knitting

7 (sbn., Kill) x6 (8)
8-25 (18 rows) to leave the thread for sewing, pierce the wire with a carcass, knit another foot in the same way.

6sbn in spacecraft
10 rows of 6sbn
ave., 5sbn
20 rows of 7sbn
ave., 6sbn
knit to the desired length of 8sbn

Insert the carcass wire into the head hole, hem.
Sew eyelids to squirrels, sew to the head, leaving between the eyes 1.5cm-2cm.

We pierce the needle into the outer base of the eyelid of one eye, (the thread inside), and bring it into the outer base of the other, slightly tighten. So, we flash it a couple more times, cut the thread and hide it.
Sew a little eyelet and hem to the head.

We tie the edges of the ear and eyelid with dark yarn.

We comb the rat, paste the pupils, done!

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