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For knitting you will need:
200 g of melted yarn Joana,
circular knitting needles No. 6, a
set of stocking knitting needles No. 6
Elastic band: alternately 2 persons., 2 out .

Garter stitch: in circular rows, knit alternately in 1 circular row of faces. and out.

Facial surface: in circular rows only knit faces.

Wrong surface: in circular rows knit only out.

Scythe (width 12 p.): Knit according to the pattern. Repeat from 1st to 12th p.

Density of knitting, faces. and out. surface: 14 p. and 20 p. = 10 and 10 cm.

Work description:
For decorative braids, knit 3 stripes. For each strip dial 6 p., * Do not rotate the work, move the loops to the other end of the knitting needle and knit faces., Repeat from *. Extend the strip in length so that the loops are better distributed. After 80 cm from the typesetting edge, tie 2 p. Together evenly 2 times. and postpone the remaining 4 items. Then transfer to the stocking knitting needles deferred 12 p. Of three stripes, dial 32 p., Transfer to the stocking knitting needles 12 p. Three strips, dial 32 p. (= 88 p.) And distribute the loops as follows: * 12 p. Braids, 10 p. Gum, repeat from * 3 times. After 3 cm from the set edge of the loop, distribute as follows: * 12 p. Braids, 10 p. Out. iron, repeat from * 3 times. After 11 cm from the set edge on both sides of each braid, knit 2 st. Together out. (= 80 p.).

Perform these reductions 1 more time in the next. 10th river., 1 time in the next. 5th p. and 1 time in the next. 2 r. (= 56 p.). Next 2 r. knit every first loop of the braid with the previous loop of faces together. and each last loop of the braid with the next loop together with a broach (remove 1 p. as faces., 1 faces. and stretch it through the removed loop). Next knit faces. smoothness, while in each row both last loops over the braids are knitted together with a broach. After 21.5 cm from the set edge, stretch the working thread through the remaining 16 p. And pull it. Braid every 3 strips into braids. Run 2 brushes 13 cm long and sew them to braids (see photo).

So, let's get started:
According to my calculations, you will need 2 skeins of yarn 100 g / 100 m, the composition of the yarn is optional. I will knit from ALIZE MAXI 75% acrylic and 25% wool (color code 208), knitting needles No. 5-6.
First, start knitting from 3 stripes which will later become a
pigtail. The strip is knitted of 4 loops (1 edge, 2 front, 1
edge) 25 cm long (gathered from the spirit of skeins into three stripes at once), when we braid the pigtail it will become 20 cm long and this will be
enough. this is an example

Then we combine the three strips in the eye just knitting them together as follows: 1 cr., 2 persons, 2 of., 2 persons, 2 of, 2 persons., 1 cr. in total, on the knitting needle it turned out 12 loops (10 + 2 hem). This is

approximately what our pigtail will look like, which will later become the beginning of our eyelet.
When both ears are ready (I had a length of 10 cm.) We add
air loops for the back of the head and on the forehead. I got the following calculation:
on the back of the head I scored 12 loops, on the forehead 20 loops + 2 ears of 12 loops, and 56 loops. If we take into account that a sample of 10 loops in a stretched form is 8-10 cm, then we get a hat with a circumference of 52 cm.
And we continue to knit 2x2 elastic to the height we need.
Here is what I thought, can make a hat of the following form (first combine the two ears and tie the back of the head for a couple of centimeters, and then dial sing on the forehead), this is for the convenience of smaller children. How do you like this idea?
The height of the elastic was 4.5 cm, now in order to start knitting harnesses I add 10 more loops from the broach (total 66 loops) and then knit with needles No. 8

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