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yarn Milk Cotton (Color City) 
or Children's novelty (Pehorka) - yellow, white, color ribbons, 
red for beak 
beads to the eye 
hook №2 
filler - sintepuh or holofayber 

SC - ring amigurumi 
VP - air loop 
sc - column single crochet 
ssn - double crochet 
ss - connecting column 
ub - decrease 
(...) * 6 - repeat six times 

yellow yarn 
1p. 6 sc in spacecraft 
2p. pr * 6 (12) 
3R. (1sbn, pr, 2sbn, pr) * 2, 1sbn, pr (17) 
4R. (3SBN, D) * 4, 1 SBN (21) 
5R. (6 PRS, D) * 3 (24) 
6 p. 3sbn, pr, (7 sbn, pr) * 2, 4 sbn (27) 
7r. (8SBN, D) * 3 (30) 
8R. 5sbn, pr, 16sbn, pr, 7 sbn (32) 
9r. 15 sbn, pr, 16 sbn (33) 10 rub 
. 32sbn, pr (34) 
11-13r. 34 sbn 
14r. (UB, 15SBN) * 2 (32) 
15 RUR 8SBN, UB, (9SBN, UB) * 2 (29) 
16R. 3SBN, UB, 8 SBN, UB, 7SBN, UB, 5 SBN (26) 
17R. 5SBN, UB, 8 SBN, UB, 7SBN, UB (23) 
18R. 2SBN, UB, 3SBN, UB, 4SBN, UB, 3SBN, UB, 2 SBN (18) 
19R. (1SBN, UB) * 6 (12) 
We stuff the body. 
20 RUR UB * 6 (6) We 
tighten the hole with a needle, hide the tip of the thread. 

white yarn 
1p. 6 sc in spacecraft 
2p. pr * 6 (12) 
3R. (1SBN, D) * 6 (18) 
4R. (2SBN, D) * 6 (24) 
5 p. (3SBN, D) * 6 (30) 
6R. (4SBN, D) * 6 (36) 
7-10R. 36 sc. 
We tie the edge of the shell with a "crustacean step". 

We knit  in an amigurumi ring: 3vp, 5ssn, 3vp, 1 ss (this is one side of the bow). 
We continue to knit amigurumi in the ring: 3vp, 5ssn, 3vp, 1ss (this is the second side of the bow). 
We tighten the ring. We cut the thread (long tip) and wrap the middle of the bow with it. We fix the thread and leave the tip for sewing a bow. 

We begin to knit between the 9th and 8th rows (counted from the top). 
3 - 4 VP, then 1 ss between the 7th and 8th rows. Cut the thread. Insert the tip of the thread into the needle and stitch the entire beak (up and down), forming it. Hide the tip of the thread. 

We put the chicken in the shell and sew in a circle 
(right under the "Rachich step"). 
Eyes - beads are sewn between the 6th and 7th rows. 
Count the rows from above. 
Sew on a bow or bow tie. 

The chicken is ready!

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