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Himalaya Dolphin Fine yarn, hook 3, with a height of 19 cm.

Hand (2pcs)
1 row: 6sbn in amigurumi ring (6)
2nd row: pr x6 (12)
3rd row: 12sbn (12)
4th row: ub, 10sbn ( 11)
5th row: UB, 9SBN (10)
6th row: UB, 8SBN (9)
Fill and do not further fill.
7-9 row: 9SBN (9)
Change the color of the yarn to purple.
10-14 rows: 9SBN (9)
At the end of the last row, make a decrease so that 8 loops are obtained at the output.

Leg (2pcs)
1 row: 6sbn in amigurumi ring (6)
2 row: pr x6 (12)
3-6 rows: 12sbn (12)
7 row: (3sbn, pr) x3 (15)
On the first part, fasten the thread and cut off, do not cut off on the second and continue knitting.

Continue knitting from the second leg.
8 row: 2bp, 15sbn on the first leg, 2sbn on the air loops, 15sbn on the second leg (34)
9th row: 2pr, 15sbn, 2pr, 15sbn (38)
10th row: pr, 2sbn, pr, 15sbn, pr, 2sbn, pr , 15SBN (42)
11-13 rows: 42SBN (42)
We change the color of the yarn to purple and stuff the toy in the process of knitting.
14-16 rows: 42sbn (42)
17th row: (5sbn, ub) x6 (36)
18th row: 36sbn, knit a few more columns and finish the row in the middle of the back (36)
19th row: 34sbn and 1ub in an arbitrary place (35 )
20 row: (3SBN, UB) x7 (28)
21 row: 28SBN (28)
22 row: (2SBN, UB) x7 (21)
23 row: 21 sb, simultaneously tying paws (21)
24 row: (sbn, UB) x6 (14)
Change the color to the main
25 row: 14SBN (14)
26 row: (SBN, D) x7 (21)
27 row: (2SBN, D) x7 (28)
28 row: (3SBN, D) x7 (35)
29 row: (4SBN, D) x7 (42)
30 row: (6SBN, D) x6 (48)
31-38 rows: 48SBN (48)
39 row: (6SBN, UB) x6 (42)
40 row: (5SBN, UB) x6 (36)
41 row: (4SBN, UB) x6 (30)
42 row: (3SBN, UB) x6 (24)
43 row: (2SBN, UB) x6 (18)
44 row: (SBN, UB) x6 ( 12)
45 row: UB x6 (6)
Tighten the hole with a thin thread that matches the color.

Ear (2pcs)
1 row: 6 sbn in the amigurumi ring (6)
2 row: pr x6 (12)
3 row: (sb, pr) x6 (18)
4 row: (2 sbn, pr) x6 (24)
5- 7 rows: 24sbn (24)
8 row: (2SBN, UB) x6 (18)
9 row: (SBN, UB) x6 (12)

Dial 11vp, knit 10sbn from the second loop from the loop hook.

Sew on the ears. Make a tightening in the place where the eyes will be located, sew the eyes. Embroider the nose. Sew a ponytail.

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