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Materials required: hook No. 1,5 or No. 1,7; mercerized cotton (180 m / 50 g.) 10-15 g .; plastic egg izkinder surprise; 2 beads; peas or beans.

1) Work should be performed in a circle. Let's start by knitting a cover on a plastic egg. If you want the toy to be a rattle, put peas inside the egg.

2) Dial two air loops, tie 6 BN columns from the beginning into the second loop. Second row: double the number of columns; in each of the previous row, knit 2 single crochet, total 12 single crochet. Third row: after 1 column, make increments - 18 single crochet columns. Fourth row: increments through two columns - 24 single crochet columns. Fifth row: increments through 3 columns - 30 single crochet columns. Try the resulting circle on the base. It should turn out with a diameter of about 3 cm.

3) Now tie 14 rows without increments.

4) Sew in your mouth and sew in your eyes.

5) To tie the tentacles, release a row of columns from the bottom edge 1 and tie the tentacles on the body of the octopus. Between the two columns, enter the hook and pull out the air loop. Make a chain of 12 air loops. First row - 12 single crochet columns. In the second row, double the number of columns - 24 single crochet columns. Third row 2 single crochet columns in the column of the previous row, 3 single crochet columns in the next column.

6) Do not break the remaining thread. Go to the next column and tie the next tentacle from it. In total there should be 7-8 pieces.

7) When the tentacles are ready, then proceed to tying the base. Now you need to do a decrease. First through 3 columns without a crochet, then through 2, and so on, until only 3-4 columns appear. Close the knitting, tear the thread, pull the remaining stitches with a needle.

8) The octopus is ready! If you wish, you can tie a flower as a hat for an octopus.

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