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Sizes: 62-68 (74 - 80) 92-98

Different data for large sizes are given in brackets and, accordingly, in brackets.

You will need: yarn (75% cotton, 25% viscose; 175 m / 50 g) - 100 (100) 150 g pale pink; knitting needles number 4; circular knitting needles No. 4, length 140 cm; hook number 3,5; 1 button.

Elastic band: knit alternately 1 p. Front stitch, 1 p. Wrong side stitch.

Front surface: front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops, in circular rows all loops are knitted with faces.

Shawl knitting: front and back rows knit facial.

Crochet pattern: 1 in. n., * 4 tbsp s / n for the next wrong loop in front of the lying arch, 1 tbsp. b / n for the next wrong loop in front of the lying arch, from * constantly repeat.

Knitting density: front surface - 19.5 p. X 28 p. / Circle. R. = 10 x 10 cm.
Important! Before the armhole, knit a pullover in circular rows with a single fabric.


On circular knitting needles, dial 86 (94) 102 loops and knit 2 circle. R. with an elastic band, then continue to work with facial smoothness, while in the 1st circle. R. mark the 43rd and 86th (47th and 94th) 51st and 102nd points. After 14.5 (15.5) 16.5 cm from the initial row, divide the work for the armholes along the marked loops and finish first before, leave the rest of the loops temporarily. After 19 (21) 23 cm, close the middle 13 points for the neck and finish both sides separately. For rounding the neck along the inner edge in every 2 r. Decrease 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 1 p. Close the remaining loops after 22 (24) 26 cm. Now continue to knit back loops. After 16.5 (18.5) 20.5 cm, close the middle loop for the cut and finish both sides separately. Knit two stitches on both sides of the cut with a garter stitch.

Sleeves: type on the needles for each sleeve 30 (34) 36 loops and knit 2 p. rubber band, then go to the front surface. For lateral bevels add in each 22nd r. 0 (1) 2 x 1 p. After 14 (16) 18 cm, close all the loops.

Assembly: moisten parts slightly, stretch according to the dimensions indicated on the pattern and allow to dry. Perform shoulder seams. On the edge of the neck, dial 57 p. On knitting needles for a strap and knit 3 p. rubber band, while after the edge to start with the front. Then close all the loops.
1st p. tie the straps with a hook as follows: insert the hook into the 1st wrong loop to the left of the section, 1 vp, * 4 tbsp. s / n for the next wrong loop lying in front of the arch, 1 tbsp. b / n for the next wrong loop lying in front of the arch. From * constantly repeat. On the cut on the right side of the back, crochet 1 hinged loop of 5 vp (= button hole). Sew on sleeves. Run the seams of the sleeves. Crochet the bottom of the sleeves. way: insert the hook into the side seam and knit 1 vp, * 4 tbsp. s / n Skip 1 point of the initial row, 1 tbsp. non-cash from * constantly repeat with 1 compound Art. in 1st v. lock the work into a ring. Sew a button.

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