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For growth 110-116 cm, for 4-5 years

you will need: Lanagold 800 yarn (51% wool, 49% acrylic 800 m / 100 g) - 250 g melange, yarn " Karamalka Print ”(100% acrylic, 175 / 50g) - 150g melange, Bebe Anakuzusu yarn (100% micropolyester, 110m / 100g) - 100g blue, knitting needles No. 3, circular knitting needles No. 3, hook number 3, 8 buttons .

Garter stitch: front and back rows - only front loops.

3 x 3 elastic: knit 3 faces alternately. hinges and 3 out. loops.
Front surface: front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops.


Attention! The coat is knitted with a thread in two additions: 2 threads "Lanagold 800" + 1 thread "Karamalka Print".

Knit from top to bottom with a single cloth. Type 77 p. On circular knitting needles; knit 1 row of faces. loops. Then distribute the loops as follows: 1 chrome. p., 12 p. shelves, 1 p. raglan, 12 p. sleeves, 1 p. raglan, 23 p. backs, 1 p. raglana, 12 p. sleeves, 1 p. raglana, 12 p. . n. Next, knit with the main pattern, while forming raglan bevels in each person. knit 3 stitches from each raglan loop. Next. out. enter the added loops in the main pattern. At a raglan height of 20 cm, there should be 50 p. Each shelf, 69 p. Backs and 34 p. Sleeves. Having tied the desired raglan height, transfer the loop of the sleeves to extra. spoke and temporarily set aside.
For an armhole at the place of the sleeves, dial 4 p. And continue to knit the back and shelves with a single fabric to the desired coat length (in this model, 35 cm from the armhole). Close all loops without pulling the canvas.

Return to the deferred hinges of the sleeve, transfer them to the working knitting needles, picking up on each side an additional 2 p. Knit with the main pattern in rotary rows, reducing the sleeves on both sides 9 times x 1 p for every 2 cm = 36 p. At height sleeves 18 cm from the armhole (or other desired height) change the thread to fluffy and knit a 6 cm cuff. Close the loops. Tie the second sleeve in the same way. Complete the seams of the sleeves. Sew 1 button on each side cuff. Knit the front planks of the shelves with a * Lanagold 800 ”thread in addition. For one placket, put on needles 10 p., Knit 51 cm with an elastic 1x1 (the length of the plank in a slightly stretched form should correspond to the length of the front edge of the shelf). Tie the second bar in the same way, but knit 6 buttonholes. For each loop, close the center 3 p. planks in the next row in place of closed loops, type new 3 p. Sew the planks to the shelves. Sew buttons on one bar. For the collar along the upper edge of the jacket on the knitting needles fluffy thread evenly dial 47 p. And knit a garter stitch. For lateral bevels of the collar, add on both sides 5 times x 1 p. Every 2 cm = 57 p. At the height of the collar 13 cm, close all the loops. Crochet a hinged buttonhole at one corner of the collar, and sew the button on the other side.


Bind thread "800 Lanagold" 3 addition. Type 82 sts on the knitting needles and knit 12 cm with a 3 x 3 elastic band. Next, knit the faces. stitch. At a height of 18-18.5 cm, begin to perform reductions to form the crown. To do this, divide the work into 4 parts of 20 p. (Edge loops are not taken into account). Mark the borders of the parts. Further in each person. knit the first and last 2 p. of each part together. Thus, in every person. 8 p. are reduced in a row. Knit in this way 3-3.5 cm, until 4 p. remain in each part. Cut the thread, tighten the remaining loops with the end of the thread and fasten the thread on the other side. Make a seam. Tie a flower with a melange thread according to the pattern. From fluffy yarn, tie a string, twist it and sew it in the center of the flower. Sew the flower onto the hat as shown in the photo.

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