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We collect 22 loops on the knitting needles and knit as follows

9 loops of garter stitch (face and back)

8 loops of the face

5 loops of garter stitch.

Wrong rows according to drawing.

The tourniquet twisted through 10 rows.

Knitted 7 harnesses. Knitting to close.

Dial 36 loops around the edge, take the central 10 loops and

knit 14 rows with the front stitch (this is the tongue), but it should be on the inside. And on the front side there should be a wrong surface. 

In the 11th and 13th rows, make a decrease in 1 loop from each edge, so that there are 6 loops on the spoke.

Next, we loop around the edge of the tongue, I got 7 loops. In total, we get 13 loops + 7 loops + 6 loops + 7 loops + 13 loops for a total of 46 loops.

We knit 46 stitches 12 rows of garter stitch.

Then in the center we take 6 loops and begin to knit the sole, adding loops to make them 10 loops.

We knit the sole until 6 loops remain on the right and left knitting needles. We begin to reduce the sole loops to 6 loops.

We close 6 loops of the sole, and we attach the remaining loops on the needles to the sole.

We collect along the edge of the sole of the loop from the pigtail for the welt, I typed on 4 knitting needles and knit 6 rows of front stitch.

We close all the loops, but at the beginning of each knitting needle I added 1 loop from the broach so that the welt does not pull. Close the loops weakly.

Tighten the welt. I did not sew it, it seemed to have gone well.

On the wrong side, from the side of 5 loops, I scored 36 loops around the edge and knitted 3 rows of faces, closed them and sewn along the edge of the tourniquet. You get a crease where you pull the ropes

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