Body Mother's Princess

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Knitting a child's body proved to be a very exciting pastime. That's where there is scope for imagination)))

And this is definitely not the last option. While knitting this, several more were thought up))). Well there is someone to give

This is my first experience with knitting raglan from bottom to top, unusual. But you need to try everything)))

Thread Pekhorka "Children's whim", knitting needles number 2.5. Consumption 2 hanks in size 68.

I knitted without a description, but I will try to explain the principle.

I started knitting from the front. I scored 30 loops on knitting needles No. 2, tied 8 rows with an elastic 1x1, evenly making holes for buttons in 5 rows (I have two buttons, but I'm afraid that I lost it, better do 3 or 4). Then I switched to 2.5 knitting needles.
6 rows of front stitch (front rows knit front, wrong side - back).
From the next row, I made additions symmetrically on both sides in each 4th front row. I made allowances in front of the edge (crossed loop to avoid holes).
When there were 44 loops on the knitting needles, I made two more increases in each 2nd row. Total 48 loops.
Knit postpone.

Now we knit the back: I
scored the same number of loops (30).
8 rows 1x1 elastic band
12 rows front smoothness
Next we make the increase as well as on the front, only in each 6 row. Until there are 46 stitches on the needles. Then 2 increases in each 4 front row. Total 50 loops.

Now we need to combine both canvases.
To do this, close the knitting round, typing between the parts on both sides of 11 loops. Total we have 120 loops.

We knit in a circle with the front smooth surface to the height at which our peplum will be. I got about 20 rows.
Knit postpone.

Now we knit a basque:
Here you can experiment with splendor. I took exactly twice as many loops (240).

I knitted 3 rows with a garter stitch, then made a decorative row with holes (2 together the front, 1 crochet. Repeat until the end of the row).
Next, knit the desired height of the basques (I have 20 rows).
In the last row, we need to reduce the number of loops to 120 (as much as on a deferred body). Since I took the loops exactly 2 times more, I simply knit two loops together, the front, from the front wall from the beginning to the end of the row. In total, I have 120 loops both on the body and basque.
Now you need to combine both parts together.
I folded the details as they should be in the finished product. And she knitted a connecting row (again, two loops together).
In this way:

The junction turned out to be neat:

Knit several rows of faces and begin to knit the pattern. I have a crown.

I won’t explain in more detail further, I knitted for the first time. You can type in the search engine "raglan bottom" and choose the most attractive method for yourself. And you can not raglan at all, who is closer.

I attached my product to a finished knitted body of size 68, and at the height where the sleeves should start, I put off knitting and climbed onto the Internet to look for how to knit raglan from the bottom. All this because I really do not like to sew anything. I knitted both mitts on stocking knitting needles (I also applied them to the finished body and increased it). Combined everything into circular knitting needles. And she made reductions along the ragged lines in every 2 rows. She left the neck wider so that it was easy to put on. Buttons can be provided, along the ragged line, or behind, for example.

Sleeves and a neck also issued as well as a decorative basque next to holes. From below, where the baby’s legs will be, she lifted the loops and tied 3 rows of garter stitch.
All. There are many letters, knit faster

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