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The openwork pullover for overweight women is crocheted in a marine style: an elongated striped model of super soft blended yarn based on cotton in blue and white colors alternates crocheted posts, air loops and rows with shells - simple, but very beautiful!

Description of knitting is designed for sizes: 50-52.

You will need: yarn (88% cotton, 12% polyamide: 140 m / 50 g) - 200 g white, 200 g dark blue, and 150 g blue and pale blue: hook number 5.

Patterns for knitting a female pullover
The main pattern: the number of initial loops is a multiple of 4 + 1. Knit according to the pattern. Start with the loops before the rapport, repeat the rapport constantly, end the loops after the rapport.

From the 1st to the 48th row, complete 1 time, then 3 times to complete the 29th + 30th rows and finish the 31st row = 55 rows. Sequence of stripes: knit 7 p. dark blue, 4 p. blue, 4 p. pale blue, 9 p. white, 5 p. dark blue, 5 p. blue. 4 p. pale blue, 2 p. white, 1 p. dark blue, 6 p. white, 1 p. dark blue, white, dark blue, blue, pale blue, dark blue, white and dark blue threads = 55 p.

Knitting density (average): 16.5 p. X 8 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

How to crochet an openwork striped pullover - description and diagram

Back: with a dark blue thread, complete the initial chain of 97 vp + 3 vp lifting and knit the main pattern in the indicated sequence of stripes. After 69 cm = 55 p. from the initial row to finish the work.

Before: knit the same way as the back.

Sleeves: with a dark blue thread for each sleeve, carry out 1 initial chain of 69 vp + 3 vp lifting and knit with the main pattern in the indicated sequence of stripes, while starting from the 7th p. pattern according to the scheme and from the 7th p. sequence of stripes.

After 40 cm = 32 p. from the initial row with a pale blue thread, perform another 1 p. Art. s / n and finish the work = 41 cm.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams in sections 14 cm wide.

Sew in sleeves, sew side seams and sleeve seams. Tie the lower edges of the front and back, as well as the edges of the sleeves with a dark blue thread, 1 circle. “Seashells” (= 29th river of the scheme).

The scheme of knitting an openwork pattern and a pullover pattern


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