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The blouse is crocheted in such a way that the colored stripes form a colorful mosaic pattern, it turns out a beautiful and stylish thing.

Size: SM

You will need: Magic Fine yarn (50% acrylic, 50% wool, 300 m / 100 g) - 450 g sectionally dyed, hook number 2.5.


Description of crochet blouses:

The product is knitted from top to bottom.

Dial 112 air. n., lock in the ring. Next, knit in a circle according to scheme 1, performing increments in the knitting angles to form the center lines. Knit in this way 24 rows.

From the 25th row, divide the knitting into two parts - the back and the front. Along the edges of the sleeves, make two decreases at the beginning and at the end of each row (see diagram 2). Thus, tie 10 rows of backrest and 10 rows of front part. Then count 8 rapports from the edge of the sleeve and sew the sleeve. Sew the second sleeve in the same way.

Next, knit in a circle 22 rows.

Then you need to align the canvas on the sides of the pullover, filling in the corners. To do this, attach the thread from below to the air loops and tie the fabric according to scheme 3. Tie the other side in the same way.

Tie the bottom of the product with 2 rows of the main pattern, 1 next to Art. non-cash and 1 near from the station non-cash with "pico" from 3 air. P.

On the edge of the sleeves, tie 4 rows of elastic (alternately 1 person. And 1 out. Embossed st. S / n).

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