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The style of a shortened jacket by Henriet must definitely be noted by women of any size and type of figure. See how well the model hides flaws and emphasizes virtues. By the way, it sits great, even if you are slouching.
The pattern of wedges is a godsend for everyone. They extend the silhouette and give the figure harmony. Lack of fasteners helps to add a straight line. The sleeve format is another find that, as in the bell model, again plays to the advantage of growth and harmony.

I am delighted and anticipated how and with what to wear such beauty. A completely simple combination is a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. If you need to complicate the image a little - we change the jeans for a pleated skirt or satin (by the way, the latest in stores is such a chic choice, you definitely need to replenish the wardrobe with a couple of new ones). Do you want even more refined onions? You are welcome. Dress-combination or flying with ruffles, shoes - according to the weather and your preferences. 
Size : 42-44.
You will need :
Alize Puffy Season yarn - 300 g,
knitting needles 5 mm.

Knit from top to bottom. Dial 87 loops and arrange them as follows: two faces. pet., nine pet. openwork, seven faces. pet., yarn, one person., yarn, one person., nine pet. openwork, one person., yarn, one person., yarn, nine pet. openwork, seven faces. pet., nine pet. openwork, yarn, one person., yarn, one person., nine pet. openwork, one person., yarn, one person., yarn, seven persons., nine pet. openwork, two faces. pet. In even rows, knit according to the pattern, and the crochets are frayed. pet. In each odd row, where the yarn is, we make raglan increments with the help of the yarn. Knit by adding on the loop on both sides of the part in each row.

After 27 cm of work, leave the front and back loops and go to the sleeve loops, knit three rapports in height with a zigzag pattern. Continue to knit the front stitch to a height of 42 cm. Knit the part, decreasing one loop on each side in every eighth row, make reductions for 16 cm. After this, repeat the zigzag pattern rapport nine more times. Finish work and tie the second sleeve in the same way.
After that, return to the back and shelves of the jacket again. Tie them together, performing a zigzag pattern on all the details at once, tie three rapports in height.

Crochet the edges of the product next to the single crochet with “picot”.

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