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Lightweight, airy and charming pullover with an open back for hot summer days. He will create a worthy pair for any wardrobe clothes, be it mini-shorts or a floor skirt.

 Clothing size 36.

To work, you need to  cook 300g. Cotton yarn "Lily" pistachio color, hook number 1.7.

We will knit a pullover with an open back only with double crochet, but before that it is necessary to complete a full-size pattern.

Let's start the front end. We collect 114 air loops and add 3 lifting loops to them. We perform 43 rows with a crochet, reducing 1 loop in each second row. We knit the next 18 rows without decrease. To make an armhole, in rows 62-65 you need to remove 3 double crochet on both sides. Next, we knit up to 95 rows unchanged. At a height of 66 cm, for the neckline, 38 loops must be closed, after which each side must be knitted separately to a height of 68 cm.

The back is made similar to the front. After the 28th row, we make out the neckline, because we have a pullover with an open back. To do this, divide the canvas into 2 equal parts, and mark the middle with a bright thread. In the 29th row, instead of two central double crochets, we knit two air loops. Next, to the 52nd row, we reduce 1 row with a double crochet in each row and add 1 air loop. We knit the next 21 rows with the same number of air loops, and then perform another 10 rows separately without chains.

When the canvas reaches a height of 68 cm, close all the loops.

We assemble the pullover with an open back using the side and shoulder seams. Tie the bottom edge of the product, as well as the armholes and neck, with a single crochet.

Open back pullover pattern


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