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Top knitting is done with a braid pattern and front stitch, which is shifted to the center.
On the sides are sewn inserts that fit separately.
Sleeves and a neckline are tied with a pearl.

Size: 38/40
Materials: 4 skeins of yarn Cisne Sirena (100% cotton, 100 g. / 165 m.), Knitting needles 4.5 mm. (two pairs of circular knitting needles), hook 3 mm.
Knitting density: 18 stitches * 26 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Pearl pattern:
1st row: 1 faces., 1 out., Repeat from *
2nd row: facial over the wrong side, wrong side over the front.

Braid pattern: knit according to the pattern.

How to knit a top with knitting needles
Back: dial 70 loops.
Knit with a pattern of braids according to the pattern - 40 cm.
Sleeves: take 10 loops on each side for the sleeves.
Knit another 18 cm into the pattern.
Shoulders: close on each side in each second row 9 loops - 3 times = 16 loops.
Close all loops.

Before: dial 70 loops.
Knit braids with a pattern according to the pattern - 18 cm.
Next, gradually add facial smoothness to the work, as follows:
1st row: 2 stitches with front stitch, 66 stitches according to the pattern, 2 loops with front stitch.
2nd row and all wrong rows: knit loops as they look
3rd row: 4 stitches with front stitch, 62 stitches according to the pattern, 4 stitches with front stitch.
5th row: 6 stitches with front stitch, 58 stitches according to the scheme, 6 stitches with front stitch.
Continue to shift the front surface by 2 loops to the center in every second row until all the loops are knitted with the front surface.
At a height of 32 cm. Divide the work into two parts, finish each side separately.
Reduce 1 loop on each side of the neck in each 4th row - 18 times.
At the same time, at a height of 40 cm, dial 10 new loops for the sleeve.
After 18 cm from the increase for the sleeve, close the shoulder as for the back.

Neck tying: dial 70 loops around the neck (starting from the center of the front, for knitting, take 2 pairs of circular knitting needles), knit with a pearl pattern - 4 cm.
SIMULTANEOUSLY reduce 1 loop in each 2nd row - 3 times in the center of the front on each side - 3 times .
Close the loop, leaving a long tail of thread, stitch the seam binding.

Sleeve tying: dial 55 loops around the sleeve.
Knit with a pearl pattern - 4 cm.
Close the loops.

Side inserts (link 2 parts): dial 18 loops.
Knit 4 loops with the wrong side, 4 loops - braid (use the braid in the diagram), 2 loops with the wrong side, 4 loops - braid, 4 loops with the wrong side.
Knit in this way - 45.5 cm.
Sew inserts on the sides.

Tie and sew the flower as in the photo.

Top knitting scheme

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