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On this top, knitted with needles along the oblique , colored strips of transitional shades of section dyed yarn look advantageous, these strips are visually slim and emphasize the figure. The top is knitted with knitting needles very simply and consists of two rectangular parts - the front and back.

Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46
You will need: 400 (450) 500 g beige-gray-brown-green (color 202) Linarte Degrade yarn (40% viscose, 30% cotton, 20% linen, 10% polyamide, 125 m / 50 g) Lana Grossa; knitting needles number 5.

Edge with nodules: 1st and last item of each river. knit out. All details knit with nodular edges.
Wrong garter stitching with highlighted additions: faces. and out. R. - out. p. Knit according to the pattern. Start at 3 p. Between the arrows. From the 2nd p. perform highlighted additions as indicated. Perform 1st - 27th p., Then continue in each person. R. additions within the meaning.

Knitting density: 20.5 p. And 39 p. = 10 x 10 cm (out. Shawl, knitting needles No. 5).

The arrow on the pattern is the direction of knitting.

Description of knitting top with knitting needles:

Back: for the lower right corner dial 3 p. And knit out. garter stitch along the oblique with highlighted additions with nodular edges, starting from out. p., as indicated. After 55 (59) 63 cm (measuring vertically from the lower right to the upper corner, not in the direction of knitting) = 147 (159) 171 p. from the initial row (on the needle 147 (159) 171 nJ, the shoulder height will be reached from the right edge, from the left edge - the lower left corner of the back.
Then, for a rectangular shape, perform reductions: in each face. st., at the end of the river before the last 2 sts., 2 st. together together.When the needle remains 7 sts., knit in each person. p. average 3 st. together., at the end also the last 3 p. . and stretch the end of the thread through the last p.

Before:  knit like a back.

Assembly:  complete the seams, leave the side seams open at the bottom for cuts of 12 cm. At the top for armholes - at 20 (21) 22 cm. Leave the middle 25 cm open for neck cuts.

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