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A sweater knitted from mohair yarn in three powdery shades can only be compared with a light, pleasantly enveloping cloud - it is so soft, gentle and fluffy!

34–38 (40–44)

Yarn (70% mohair, 30% silk; 210 m / 25 g) - 100 (125) g each in the color of rosewood, powdery pink and pale pink; knitting needles No. 5 and 7; circular knitting needles No. 5.


The product is knitted in 3 threads (1 thread of each color, taken together).

Alternately 1 persons., 1 out.

The number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 3 p. + 2 chrome .: knit according to the above pattern. On it are given the front and back rows. Begin wide with chrome. and from the loop before the rapport, repeat the rapport, end with loops after the rapport and chrome. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 8th row. When making increases and decreases, make sure that the number of yarn and loops knitted together is the same.

13.5 p. X 19.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with an openwork pattern with knitting needles No. 7.


On knitting needles No. 5, put in 3 threads 81 (89) sts and for the lower bar knit between chrome. loop elastic, while ending faces. loop. 

After 10 cm from the set, go to the knitting needles No. 7 and continue working with an openwork pattern. 

After 31 cm = 60 p. add on both sides from the lower bar to form understated armholes, first 1 time for 1 p., then in each 4 r. 7 more times for 1 p., add the added loops in the pattern = on the needles of 97 (105) p. 

After 46 cm = 90 p. close from both sides of the lower bar for the shoulder bevels, first 1 time for 5 (4) p., then in every 2 r. 7 more times in 3 (4) p. 

At the same time at a height of 50.5 cm = 98 p. close the middle 23 (25) p. for the neck and finish separately on both sides. 

To round the neck, close 1 point from each side in the row 6 times in each row. 

After 54.5 cm = 106 p. close the remaining 5 (2) p. of the shoulder from the lower bar. Finish the second side symmetrically with the first.

Knit like a back, but with a deeper neck. For this, after 48 cm = 94 p. from the lower bar close the middle 15 (17) p. and for rounding the neck in each row another 10 times 1 loop.

On knitting needles No. 7, dial 42 (46) sts in 3 threads and knit between the chrome for the strap. 14 cm loops with an elastic band, while in the last row, knit all the loops on the wrong side and add 31 (35) sts. = on the needles 73 (81) stitches. 

Then go to the number 5 knitting needles and continue working with an openwork pattern. After 34 cm = 66 p. close all loops from the bar in the same row.

Perform shoulder seams. 

For circular knitting needles No. 5, dial 114 (122) sts for the collar along the edge of the neck and knit with an elastic band in a circle. After 12 cm, close all loops with the front, knitting the front for 2 p. Together. 

According to the drawing of the details of the pattern from the mark * sew, slightly fitting, sleeves. Make side seams and sleeve seams. 

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