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sizes: S / M - M / L. 1st size on head circumference from 54 to 56 cm, 2nd - from 56 to 58 cm. Scarf-collar sizes: S / M - L / XL (1 size - circumference 55 cm and height 18 cm; 2nd size - circumference 58 cm and height 22 cm). Scarf-snood and hat with a pattern - a perfect set for cold weather.

Knitting materials: pink DROPS NEPAL yarn (powder pink, No. 3112, composition - 65% ordinary wool and 35% alpaca, 75 m per 50 g), 100 g each for a hat and for a collar regardless of size (i.e. the set will take 200 g of yarn), circular knitting needles with a thickness of 4.5 mm and a length of 40 cm (for a scarf-collar of the 2nd size, take longer knitting needles 60 cm). And 2 stocking needles of the same thickness for knitting the top of the cap. Density of knitting for the front surface: 18 pet. and 23 rows - a square with a side of 10 cm.


Shawl (knit in a circle on circular knitting needles): * knit 1 row of face stitches, and the next 1 row - purl *, repeat from * to *. 1 groove = 2 circular rows.

Spiral pattern: knit * 2 wrong, 5 facial * - repeat pet. between ** throughout the row. In the next row, the pattern will shift 1 loop forward, which will form a spiral.


Knit on circular knitting needles, if as knitting (reducing loops) it will be more convenient to use stocking knitting needles, then go to them.

Type into circular knitting needles 85 st.-92 st. and knit with a garter stitch to a height of 3 cm. Then continue to knit the hat in a spiral pattern (see description above). When the height reaches 19-20 cm, go to knitting with a smooth surface (all the loops are facial in all rows), while at the same time reducing 1 st.-2 st. In the 1st row. (on the needles 84-90 pet.). Then place the markers at a distance from each other in 14 - 15 pet. In the next row, make a decrease in 1 pet. in front of each marker on the needles 78 pet.-84 pet. Repeat these decreases in each circular row another 5-6 times (i.e., you will get 6-7 rows with decreases). On the knitting needles after decrease should remain 48 pet.

After that, make the reduction in each row another 5 times left 18 pet. In the next row, knit all the loops 2 together front = 9 sts. The height from the beginning is 27-28 cm.

Cut the thread, leaving a long tail, thread it into the darn needle and pull the remaining stitches tight. on the top of the head.


Knit in a circle on circular knitting needles. Dial 109 pet. -116 pet. and knit a bandage from a scarf knit to a height of 3 cm (3 grooves, i.e. 6 rows). Tie the next row with the front ones, at the same time evenly reducing 10 sts in the same row. = 99-106 pet. The next round. knit a number of purl. Next, knit with a spiral pattern until the collar becomes 16 cm-20 cm in height. Then, knit with a garter stitch until the total height of the scarf is 18 cm-22 cm, finish next to the wrong pet. Close the pet. like facial in the next row.

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