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You will need: 150 (150) 200 g section dyeing yarn in blue-green tones (100% silk; 200 m / 50 g); knitting needles number 3,5; short circular knitting needles No. 3,5; 10 buttons with a diameter of 15 mm.

Knitting technique.
Facial surface: front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops; in circular rows, knit only the front loops.

Openwork pattern:
1st row: * 2 p. Knit together the front, 2 p. Knit together the front, ** 1 double crochet, 1 front, from ** repeat 2 more times, 1 crochet, 2 p. Knit together with the left bend (= 1 p. remove, as a facial, 1 facial, then stretch it through the removed loop), 2 p. knit together with a tilt to the left *.
2nd row: purl loops.
In width, repeat from * to * = 1 rapport of 11 p. In height, repeat the 1st and 2nd rows.

Garter stitch: front and back rows - front loops.

Knitting density.
Openwork pattern: 29 p. And 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm.
Facial surface: 23 p. And 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Back: on knitting needles No. 3,5, dial 151 (173) 195 p. And 3 rows knit with a garter stitch. Continue to work with an openwork pattern, distributing the loops as follows: chrome., 3 p. Garter stitch, 13 (15) 17 times repeat rapport, 3 p. Garter stitch, chrome. After 55 (57) 59 cm from the typesetting, continue work with the front stitch, then knit on both sides with 3 p. Garter stitch. For this, the loops must be reduced and knitted as follows: in each rapport, 2 middle yarn crochets to lose (= 26 (30) 34 p.) = 125 (143) 161 p. In the next front row, uniformly reduce 3 p. = 122 (140) 158 p. After 59 (61) 63 cm from the set, close for shoulder bevels on both sides by 3 (5) 5 p. And in each subsequent 2nd row on both sides 1 more time 3 p. and 8 times for 4 p. (6 times for 5 p. and 3 times for 4 p.) 3 times for 5 p. and 6 times for 6 p.

Before: start like a back. However, on the knitted garter viscous side straps, make 5 holes for buttons. Make the first hole 6 cm from the edge, the next one every 6 cm, as described below: chrome., 1 front, 2, knit together the front, 1 yarn, then continue with the openwork pattern, 1 yarn, 2 p., Knit together with the slope left, 1 front, chrome. In the wrong row, knit the yarn over the front. After 58 (60) 62 cm from the set, close the middle 16 points for the neck and finish both sides separately. To round the neck in each next 2nd row, close the inner edge 1 more time by 3 points and 1 time by 2 points. After this, in each next 2nd row, reduce another 10 times by 1 point. Simultaneously through 59 (61 ) 63 cm to perform shoulder bevels, as on the back. Total height = 65 (67) 69 cm.

Sleeves: on knitting needles No. 3,5 dial 101 (101) 112 p. And knit 3 rows of garter stitch. Continue to work with an openwork pattern, distributing the loops as follows: chrome., 9 (9) 10 times repeat rapport, chrome. After 15 cm from the typesetting, continue to work with the front surface. On the sleeves, when changing the pattern, the loops do not need to be reduced, more width is required here. After 19 cm from the set of rows, loops temporarily set aside. Knit the second sleeve the same way.

Assembly: chop the details on the pattern, moisten and leave to dry. Sew shoulder seams with a mattress seam. For armholes, measure on both sides of the shoulder seams 21.5 (22.5) 24 cm and draw on the mark. Sweep the sleeves, and then sew in, slightly stretching the cut along the okata, between the marks in the open armholes.
For an edging on circular knitting needles No. 3,5, evenly dial 102 pips along the edge of the neck and knit in circular rows with the front surface. After 2.5 cm loops freely close. Sew 5 buttons to the side straps of the backrest in appropriate places.

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