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you will need: 500 (550 - 600) g of blue gray yarn «Only Cotton" Lana Grossa (100% cotton, 110 m / 50 g); knitting needles number 5.5; circular knitting needles No. 4,5; hook number 4,5.

Knitting technique.
Elastic band: alternately 2 out., 2 persons.
Wrong smooth surface: front rows - wrong loops, wrong rows - front loops.

The main pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 9 + 2 chrome. Knit according to the pattern. In the back rows, knit the loops according to the pattern, the crochets are purl. Repeat rows 1–8.

Knitting density. the main pattern with knitting needles No. 5.5: 16 p. and 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Attention! Pullover fits across. Arrows on the pattern - the direction of knitting.

Back with half sleeves: for a sleeve on knitting needles No. 5.5, dial 31 p., Knit 1 wrong side with purl loops and perform the basic pattern: chrome., 3 rapports, 2 p. After 40 cm from the beginning of the work, for the lateral edge of the backrest, dial 1 x 54 p. = 85 p. From the right side. Knit the stitched loops with the main pattern = 9 rapports. After 50 (54 - 58) cm, knitted on 85 loops, close on the right side 1 x 54 p. = 31 p. Tie another 40 cm, then close all the loops.

Before with half sleeves: knit like a back.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams and upper seams of the sleeves, leaving an average 26 cm open for neckline cut-out. At the edges of the sleeves for circular knitting needles No. 4,5, dial 54 p. And knit with an elastic band, starting in the 1st wrong side with chrome., 1 out., 2 persons., Ending symmetrically. After 4 cm, close the hinges as shown. Make side seams and sleeve seams. On the lower edge of the pullover for circular knitting needles No. 4,5, dial 192 (208 - 224) p. Knit 4 cm of elastic with circular rows and close the loops according to the figure. Neckline 1 tie next to Art. non-cash

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