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Fashionable knitted tunic with a loose silhouette, a combination of patterns, a wide neckline, casually revealing a shoulder. This crocheted dress is created for courageous and confident girls. If you put on skinny jeans and a top under it, the dress will turn into a tunic.

You will need: CoCO yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 240 m / 50 g) - 600 g of the color of baked milk, hook number 2.5.

The tunic is knitted in 2 threads!


Crochet Tunic Description:

Dial a chain of 302 air loops. Connect in a ring. Make sure that the chain does not twist. Knit in a circle directly 3 rows of sirloin mesh according to pattern 1. You should get 151 columns. Next, knit the quilling according to pattern 2. Next, go up to the columns and knit 3 rows up with a pattern according to pattern 1. On the last row, knit the quilling again.
Next, go back to the filet net and tie 9 rows. Then knit 10 cm with a “rhombus” pattern according to scheme 3. Next, knit 9 rows = 8 cm with a sirloin net. Continue to work with the “spider” pattern according to scheme 4. Knit 9.5 cm in height, then knit 1 row of st. s / n, completing 2 air. item lift.

Then divide the product into two equal parts and on the sides dial an additional 50 air. hinges for sleeves. Knit in front of 21 rows of sirloin net. Next, knit 45 columns of the right sleeve, do not knit 60 columns in the center, but get 120 air. loops to form the neck, and knit 45 columns of the left sleeve. Continue to knit 20 rows of fabric on the back.

Sew on the sleeves and a horizontal seam on the back.

On the lower edge of the tunic, tie another ruffle according to the scheme 2. Tie the neck with a border according to the scheme 5. Tie the edges of the sleeves with a border according to the scheme 6.

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