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350/400/450/500 g yarns (65% acrylic, 35% wool, 176 m / 50 g);
knitting needles number 4.

Facial surface: faces. R. - persons. n., out. R. - out. P.;

Shawl binding: persons. and. out. R. - persons. P.;

Vertical openwork pattern: (number of stitches is a multiple of 8 st. + 4 st.): Knit according to pattern 1, in out. R. loops and yarn knit out. Repeat the 1-4th p.;

Pattern "peacock": (the number of sts is a multiple of 12 sts): knit according to pattern 2, in izn. R. loops and yarn knit out. Repeat 1-6th p.


Vertical openwork pattern: 21 p. And 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


On knitting needles dial 108/120/132/144 p. And complete 1 out. R. Next R. (faces. side) knit with a peacock pattern and perform 35 p., finish the faces. near the 5th p. pattern. Next R. (out side) knit: out. p., evenly reduce 0/4/0/4 p. to the remaining 108/116/132/140 p. In the next. R. (faces. side) to begin the execution of a vertical openwork pattern and knit 15 cm from the beginning of work, finish out. nearby. Next R. (faces. side), while continuing to complete the pattern, close each 10th p. for fitting. 12/14/12/14 x 1 p. (1 person. P., 2 p. Together persons. (See. Basics), knit until the last 3 p., 2 p. Together persons with an inclination to the left (see Azi), 1 person. P.), We get on the needles 84/88/108/112 p. At an altitude of 71/72/74/75 cm from the beginning of work, to form the armholes, first close on both sides at 5/6/7 8 p., We get on the needles 74/76/94/96 p.,


Knitting, like a back to 11/13/14/15 cm from the beginning of the formation of the armholes, then place markers on each side of the central 24/26/28/30 stitches for the neck, the remaining 62/64/74/76 on the knitting needles n. To form the neck, perform a row (face. side): knit in a pattern to the first marker, attach a second skein of yarn and close the center 24/26/28/30 p. and knit the remaining p. of the row. Next R. (out side): continue to knit both sides separately and do 1 p. To round the neckline, close in every 2 r. 6 x 1 p., We get on the knitting needles 13/13/17/17 p. Of each shoulder. Knit 19/20/21/22 cm from the beginning of the armhole, finish out. close, loop close.


On knitting needles dial 62/62/74/74 p. And complete 1 out. R. Next R. (faces. side) knit: 1 faces. p., 1st p. peacock pattern, 1 persons. n. Continue to work in the given sequence and perform 36 p., finishing out. nearby. Next, knit with a vertical openwork pattern. To form the bevels, add sleeves on both sides in each 10/4/20 / 6th p. 2/5/2/4 times in 1 paragraph: 1 persons. p., + 1 p. (knit faces. cross. from broach (see Azy), 0/0/4/4 persons. p., knit according to the pattern to the last 1/1/5/5 p., 0/0 / 4/4 p.p., + 1 p. 1 p.p., we will get on the needles 66/72/78/82 p. Knit according to the pattern 23/24/25/26 cm from the beginning of work, finish p. To close the sleeves, close on both sides first 5/6/7/8 p., We get 56/60/64/66 p. On the needles, then in each 2nd p. 19/21/22/23 x 1 p., We get on the needles 18/15/20/20 p., Close the loops.

Knit the second sleeve the same way.


Parts moisten a little, allow them to dry. Fill the right shoulder seam. Turning the work of persons. side to yourself and starting on the left side of the neckline of the front of the neck, uniformly raise 56/58/60/62 stitches along the front and 36/38/40/42 stitches along the back (total 92/96/100/104 st. ) and knit with a garter stitch 4 p., close the loop. Fill the left shoulder seam and side seams. Stitch sleeves, complete the seams of the sleeves.

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